False Eyelashes for Men or Women - Very Short, Natural Looking Artificial Eyelashes

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False Eyelashes #103: Short Flare Eyelash for Men or Women
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This natural looking false eyelash is the shortest eyelash in our collection and is an excellent choice for men whose hair loss has extended to their eyelashes.  Very natural looking, these eyelashes can be worn by men and women who want an understated look.  This lash is tapered so that it is longer in the middle and shorter on the sides, to mimic a natural eyelash line.  An invisible lashline offers a natural appearance.


Length:  Slightly less than 8 mm at the longest point.  If you like this eyelash, you might also like our Eyelash #232.

These premium eyelashes come packaged as a pair in a convenient plastic storage tray to store your lashes when not in use.  These eyelashes offer a natural looking eyelash replacement for men or women with full or partial eyelash hair loss due to cancer chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, trichotillomania or aging.  They are also an excellent all around choice for women who are not experiencing eyelash hair loss but want to add a bit of volume to existing eyelashes without too much length.  100% human hair.

This artificial eyelash is available in three color selections: Black, Brown or our new color, Natural Blend. Natural blend combines both black and brown hairs for a realistic look. The result is a darker overall impression than a brown eyelash, with darker hairs that make the eyes pop without overwhelming. The brown hairs allow additional light to reflect into the eyes, making them sparkle.

For those who prefer a bit more length, we offer this versatile style in 4 lengths.  Try our natural length eyelash (style #108), our medium length eyelash (style #111), or our long length eyelash (style #106).

The eyelash and eyebrow adhesive and eyelash adhesive remover are sold separately.

Price: $4.99

Available Colors:

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Eyelash #103 - Natural BlendEyelash #103 - BlackEyelash #103 - Brown

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