Cancer Headcovering - The Bandanna Cap

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Bandana Cap Headcovering
  Product Id: HW-12567

Our Bandanna Cap Headcovering is sure to become a fast favorite.  This innovative style features a 100% cotton bandanna attached to a cozy cotton cap.


A band made of cotton knit fabric lines the face for a neat, secure look.  A soft cap hides beneath the bandanna, giving complete head coverage and the highest level of comfort.  If tying is a challenge for you, this is the perfect bandanna.  Simply place the cap on your head and go!  

The two corners of the bandanna are tied at the base of the neck. allowing for size adjustment as well as an authentic "tied bandana" look.  To adjust the fit, tighten or loosen the tie in the back.

Price: $14.99

Available Colors:

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Dandelion Floral - Navy with DenimDandelion Floral-BrownFloral Batik - PurpleBatik Wave - RoseBatik Wave - BlackTie Dye - PurpleTie Dye - Ivy VineTie Dye - Vibrant Blue
Stamped Batik - RoseDandelion Floral - Lt. DenimCaribbean Marble Tie Dye

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