Cardani False Eyelashes #231 - Natural True to Life Eyelash

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Cardani False Eyelashes #231 - True to Life Eyelash
  Product Id: EE-12906

We paid attention to every detail when creating these truly natural false eyelashes. Similiar to Mac 31 eyelashes, this eyelash features a natural blend of hair colors, with wispy hairs and slightly staggered individual hairs for a realistic look.  Finally, a fake eyelash that looks real!


Created exclusively for by Cardani,®. this eyelash is made in our new natural blend color, which is a blend of black and brown hairs, painstakingly blended for a realistic look. The result is a darker overall impression than a brown eyelash, with darker hairs that make the eyes pop without overwhelming.  The brown hairs allow additional light to reflect into the eyes, making them sparkle.  Compare to Mac Eyelash #31 ($16).

Length: Natural. Volume: Natural Low Volume. Length at the longest point: 10 mm.

These premium eyelashes come packaged as a pair in a convenient plastic storage tray to store your lashes when not in use. Try our specially formulated Secure Hold Eyelash and Eyebrow Adhesive to secure your false strip eyelashes. Try our Eyelash Adhesive Remover to easily remove glue from your eyelashes for re-use. All items are sold individually.

Price: $5.99

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False Eyelash #231 - Natural BlendEyelash #231 - Black

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