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Our story began over 25 years ago with our founder's breast cancer diagnosis. Unable to find anything stylish to conceal the hair loss she experienced from chemotherapy treatments, Carol Galland decided to create the hats, scarves, wigs, turbans and other hair loss products that she had so desperately wanted for herself. She emerged from breast cancer surgery wearing an embarrassing surgical cap and vowed to change this situation for other cancer patients...[read more]. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we wish to honor and thank the thousands of cancer patients we have served over the last two decades.

Our mission has not changed over the last 20 years. We are here to provide comfort to cancer patients and women with hair loss by providing quality products combined with caring and compassionate service. We were the first company of our kind and the first to offer hats, turbans and wigs for cancer patients on the web. We are proud to have changed the way that hair loss is viewed and managed during chemotherapy treatments. As a cosmetologist, our founder had an eye for fashion and the designs that flatter those with hair loss. Our hats and wigs do not come from the perspective of a medical or cancer hat and wig company but are inspired by the latest fashion trends. Our designer wigs are created by the top hair stylists in the world and keep our customers looking fresh and relevant. We have innovated the headwear designs that others strive to emmulate.

Style is not the only keystone that sets us apart. Our soft hats, turbans and scarves are created in the highest quality fabrics and they offer the fit and comfort that would be expected in the finest boutiques and department stores. All of our hats and turbans are designed to provide full head coverage, eliminating the need for additional liners or headbands to conceal hair loss. We invite you to compare the quality of our hats, wigs and scarves with others you will find at any price.

Over the years, individuals with alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical hair loss conditions have found that their needs match the needs of our customers with cancer. Many of our designs have been influenced by our customers who have alopecia. They are the experts as they have lived with hair loss for most of their lives. We are proud to have served them and to have been able to innovate many new products with their help and guidance, such as our human hair eyebrows and our natural looking false eyelashes. Women with alopecia are a fountain of encouragement and insight for those who are newly experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or other conditions. Today we celebrate all of our customers and thank them for their loyalty and the inspiration over the past 20 years.

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