Our company mission is to provide comfort to cancer patients and other individuals who live with hair loss whether it is caused by cancer chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, aging, trichotillomania or other medical conditions.  Part of that mission is fulfilled by providing free resources for all. Our original articles are based on over 20 years of experience in working with cancer patients and other individuals with hair loss. Our goal is to help you as you navigate the unknown. We hope that you gain knowledge, a greater sense of control over your situation, power and peace. 

Many individuals have never explored headwear as a fashion accessory. While cancer treatments, alopecia or other medical conditions may have forced you to explore your options, we have many customers who wear our headwear entirely by choice. Our hats, swim caps, scarves and head coverings open up a whole new world of fashion possibilities. We invide you to read and learn more.

Many individuals who lose their hair due to chemo treatments, alopecia or other conditions will also lose their eyelash or eyebrow hair. We have many great options for you. Chemotherapy can have a number of side effects besides hair loss, including dry skin, chapped lips, sun sensitivity and brittle hair growth. From safer deodorants without aluminum to heavy duty sunscreens, our products are specially designed to help you cope.

Exploring our resources and educating yourself on your options is the first step in selecting a wig that will be right for you. Professional wig consulations are provided as a free service to our customers. Contact us today to set up your personal consultation in the privacy of your own home. The resources below will guide you as you learn what you need to know about wigs.


Our resources provide information and tools for coping with hair loss, whether it is due to cancer, chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, trichotillomania or other conditions.


cancer patient resources

Our inspirational resources will uplift, enlighten and inspire.


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Thank you so much for posting these articles. They are so helpful as I am just starting chemo treatments for lung cancer and I found your expert advice so useful!(Posted on 01/05/2015)

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