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Eyebrow Remover | Eyebrow Glue & Adhesive Remover

Item NumberEE-793A

Eyebrow Remover | Eyebrow Glue Remover

Item NumberEE-793A
Retail: $12.00
Our Price: $6.99
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Use this solvent to remove adhesive residue from the gel backing of our Realistic Eyebrows. This product will help to increase the longevity of our Realistic Eyebrows.

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Do not apply this product to your face or around your eyes. First, remove Realistic Eyebrows from skin, then use a cotton swab dipped in Adhesive Remover to clean any remaining eyebrow glue from the eyebrow backing. 4 fl.oz.

To avoid damage, do not submerge eyebrows in adhesive remover. Due to the possibility of tampering, this product is not returnable.

Made by Cardani. Ships from Houston, TX.