All Cotton Snuggle Beanie™

Cotton Beanies | All Cotton Snuggle Beanie™ Cap | Christmas | Red

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These comfortable beanie caps are made from 100% softly knit cotton. They feel soft and smooth on the head, perfect for women with sensitive scalps due to hair loss from cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other types of medical hair loss. It's soft fabric doesn't itch or scratch, nor does it have any harsh seams to irritate the scalp. These caps offer a snuggly secure feeling when placed on the head. It's not tight, but just right. It's breathable and lightweight, but can also help keep your head warm if worn during the night. This particular cap can be worn out and about, dressed up or down, but is completely soft and comfortable enough to be worn when sleeping.

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The roll around the edge accommodates for different head sizes to make this hat truly snuggly perfect, whether your head is larger or smaller. As always, this hat provides total head coverage, perfect for women with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other medical hair loss conditions.

One size fits most. Our soft 100% cotton fabric will stretch to accommodate petite to large head sizes.
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