Aqua Earbands for Swimming - Child's Size

Aqua Earbands for Swimming - Child's Size

Our Neoprene aqua ear bands are designed to keep water out of your child's ears while providing warmth during swimming activities.  These versatile bands will also keep ears warm during winter sports. 

Our ear bands are also useful for medical purposes - they are popular in audiology clinics or to protect the ears after ear surgeries.

  • Use for swimming, showering and bathing.
  • Use with earplugs for maximum protection, as Aqua-Earbands will keep earplugs in and water out.
  • Keep ears warm in the winter while skating or skiing.
  • Velcro fastener for easy secure closure.
  • Adjustable for maximum comfort.
  • Shampoo hair while wearing Aqua-Earband.
  • Strong, thick neoprene fabric.
  • Reverses to second color on the back.
  • Suitable for a child 4 to 10 years of age.

Our aqua ear bands also come in adult size or an extra large size.

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