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Bamboo Viscose Comfort Headband | Wear Under Hats for Coverage & Security | Cardani Wide Headband

Bamboo Viscose Comfort Headband | Wear Under Hats for Coverage & Security | Cardani Wide Headband

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This oversized 3 1/2 inch wide headband can be worn on the head to achieve better head coverage with standard hats. Our headbands can also be worn underneath scarves to add a fuller look and to eliminate slippage. For women whose heads are too small for standard hats, this product allows for a more secure fit. For another use, add a headband around the outside of your turban as an accessory that adds body and layering to your look. These head bands can also be worn alone or with existing hair for a truly unique look. Our luxury viscose from bamboo fabric is silky soft and provides a warm in the winter/cool in the summer feel. Hats are sold separately. 

  • Made using soft and silky viscose from bamboo
  • One size fits most
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash delicate or wash by hand. Dry flat or low heat.
  • Our photos show how the headband looks underneath any standard hat. The headband adds a sense of security and snugness. It also offers additional head coverage with a more shallow hat.
  • All of our hats and turbans offer full head coverage, making these headbands unnecessary. We offer these headbands for those who would like to wear more shallow hats that are already in their headwear wardrobe, or for those with small heads who need a tighter fit. The hats shown in the pictures are not included.
  • In the first picture, the model wears the denim headband with the Fleece Leah Hat and the Hammered Sterling Silver Earrings, sold separately.
One size fits most. Fabric stretches to fit head sizes petite to large.

This headband is recommended for:

  • Cancer and chemotherapy patients
  • Women with medical hair loss or alopecia
  • Sensitive scalps
  • All head sizes
  • All seasons
  • All day/everyday wear
  • Hat size adjustments
  • Creating full head coverage in shallow hats
  • Headwear and turban accessorizing
  • Wicking away moisture
  • Fashion headband
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