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FACTORY SECONDS: Petite Basic Cotton Blend Turbans

Item NumberCL-7P

FACTORY SECONDS: Petite Basic Cotton Blend Turbans

Item NumberCL-7P

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  •   scarf in Beige
Retail: $16.99

Sale Price: $9.99

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Retail: $16.99

Sale Price: $9.99

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This product is slightly imperfect. Imperfections include faded color. This is also a petite turban.

Designer Carol Galland took this classic turban style from the drugstore to the boutique. Our turban is superior to others in all aspects. Our quality fabric has the feel of a soft, thick tee shirt, which feels so soft and comfortable on a bald head or a sensitive scalp. The competition uses minimal fabric, while our pattern features extra deep pleating, providing flattering fullness at the top of the head as well as full head coverage and comfort for those women with hair loss. This look can go from elegant to casual depending on what you pair it with. We know you're going to absolutely love this look!

*This product may have slight imperfections. All sales final.

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Although this basic style is the most commonly found turban, the quality of fabrics used in making our version sets us apart from the competition.

Our competitor's turbans will have a center knot in front that can become bothersome or uncomfortable when worn over a period of time. Due to our generous fabric allowance, our turban is fashioned so that the center knot is virtually undetectable to the senses when worn.

This turban is perfect not only for those with hair loss, but for spa and beachwear as well. Our generous sizing will allow a full head of hair to easily and comfortably fit inside. Use it to keep hair out of the way when applying makeup or washing your face.

Our turbans are made of very high quality cotton/polyester fabric.

In the first picture, Christina wears the turban with the Sterling Silver Multi Teardrop earrings. For our second photo, we have looped our Mini Scarf through this versatile style to create a sophisticated, dressy look. Please note that the mini scarf and earrings are sold separately and are not included.

As always...total head coverage.

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This turban is recommended for:

  • Cancer and chemotherapy patients
  • Women with medical hair loss or alopecia
  • Stylish looks for women with or without hair
  • All head sizes
  • All seasons
  • All day/everyday wear
  • Beach, spa or pool
  • Hair covering for modest women