20 Indoor Hobbies to Learn at Home

Finding yourself with too much free time on your hands and nothing to do? Everyone is stuck at home, so we're all in the same boat. Before the cabin fever sets in, maybe it’s time to take on a new hobby!


We live in the age of the internet. This allows us to connect with or view tutorials from those who have mastered a specific craft and want others to do the same. But now comes the tricky part… Which hobbies are indoor friendly and entertaining enough to stave off a serious case of stir-craze and boredom?


Check out this list of fun, unique and interesting hobbies you can learn from the comfort of your own home. The best part? All of these activities can be learned from a simple Google search or, of course, the visual learner’s virtual playground, YouTube.

1. Guided Meditation

Are you feeling stressed out? Why not try meditation? The benefits of meditation are very nearly endless. Studies have shown meditation can conquer stress and anxiety, promote self-awareness, increase your attention span and sleep quality, stop you from binge eating, and more. All you need is a comfy spot - perhaps a couch or pillow - and your phone or computer. While you can find paid apps or online courses, performing a simple online or Spotify search could lead you to a large library of guided meditation practices. 

2. Candle Making

Who doesn't love smelling every candle at the store? Instead of forking over tons of money for store-bought candles, why not learn to make them yourself? Candle-making allows you to get in touch with your creative side by modifying or mixing wax colors or scents. You can keep them for burning/showing off or even give them as gifts!

3. Play the Ukulele

Wish you were more musically inclined or just want to learn a new instrument? The ukulele is compact, sounds amazing, and only has four chords you need to learn, making it the absolute perfect instrument for beginners.

4. Painting

Everyone has the potential to be a painter. Even if you’ve never painted before, there are so many tutorials available to help you paint just about anything from rustic country scenes (like Bob Ross!) to your beloved cat or dog.

5. Knit or Crochet

Another skill perfect for stretching your creative muscles, learning to knit or crochet (or both!) opens you up to a world of making sweaters, scarves, and cute stuffed animals. Instructional YouTube videos are here to show you anything from crocheting your first chain to step by tutorials for anything you want to make!

6. Solitaire

We’re not talking about the computer game (although that’s fun too). We’re talking physical cards in hand, deal-it-yourself solitaire. If you have a deck of cards handy, this is a great, easy-to-learn, single-player game that will help you pull yourself away from your screens!

7. One Player Dominoes

Similar to learning a solo card game, one player dominoes lets you play numerous versions of various domino games on your own. A simple online search will generate tons of games, complete with detailed instructions and pictures. These games are a fantastic way to pass time and have fun while doing it!

8. Magic Tricks

Always a sure-fire way to impress others, magic tricks are a tried and true method of entertainment and normally only require household items to complete tricks. There are various magic kits you can buy, and endless tutorials available online.

9. Juggling

With a little practice and some hacky sacks, fruit, or any other small, round items, you, too, can become a master juggler. Once learned, juggling is something you can continue to challenge yourself with, maybe by incorporating more or bigger objects.

10. Bullet Journaling 

Exercise both your creative and productive sides with bullet journaling. Bullet journaling is basically a combination diary and planner, giving you the ability to keep track of goals and upcoming events (among many other things) using  your own unique designs.

11. Speed Reading

Did you know that you can learn how to speed read? Yep—you can actually teach yourself to read super fast and still retain information! One of the greatest parts of learning to speed read is how numerous the techniques are; If one method isn’t working for you, simply switch to another! All you need to learn is something to read and access to the internet!

12. Learn a New Language 

Becoming multilingual offers an enormous amount of benefits. Not only does it give you the ability to converse with a whole new community of people; You may also receive job or personal opportunities you would not have prior to learning a new language. Check out apps like Duoling for a simple, yet effective training method. You can also try watching your favorite movies dubbed in the language of your choice or listening to music in that language to get a feel for the the way it sounds.

13. Baking or Cooking 

Who doesn’t love learning something you can apply to everyday life? Learning to cook or bake a new dish can leave you feeling accomplished and content. Plus food is always great to share… Or indulge in alone. 

14. Genealogy

Want to learn more about your family? There’s no better time than now! Visiting a website like Ancestory.com or other genealogy-based research websites lets you trace your family’s roots as far back as possible.

15. Scrapbooking

It’s a little too easy to throw your old photos in a box and forget all about the time your great-aunt spiked the punch at a birthday party or all the terrible dance moves your cousin did at your uncle’s wedding. 

16. Yoga 

You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga! Yoga helps you to become more flexible over time while also building strength. While you’ll start out learning Warrior II, you may one day be able to glide right into Crow Pose without even batting an eye!

17. Dancing

Dancing mashes together the perfect amounts of exercise and fun. Whether you’re dancing with a partner or going solo, you can find just about any dance style tutorial videos on YouTube.

18. Drawing

While it’s common to hear people say “I can’t draw”, the truth is anyone can draw with a little practice. Like painting, there are several written and video tutorials available to give you direction, tips, and tricks for becoming a more accomplished artist.

19. Origami

An ancient craft with modern designs, origami allows you to take a regular old piece of paper and turn it into a work of art. With your newfound skill, you can transform everything from grocery store ads to utility bills into decorative cranes.

20. Blogging

Are you passionate about a specific topic or just looking for an outlet to pour out your heart? Write about it! Share your thoughts and feelings with others online. Writing is therapeutic and may even help you find a few kindred spirits along the way.

To Sum Up...

Time is something we often don’t feel we have enough of. While finding yourself with an almost unlimited amount of free time may seem intimidating, this is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby or maybe revisit an old one. What’s your go-to hobby? What craft or skill have you always wanted to learn? Tell us in the comments section below!