5 Holiday Headwear Looks to Inspire You

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well... it is for some people. For most people it could be better described as the busiest time of the year.

That's right, folks — I'm talking about the holiday season. A time of joy, but also a time of stress. Lots of it.

Frantic shopping, hours of present wrapping, tons of cooking and cleaning, and visits from crazy Aunt Suzie are just a few of the holiday burdens we endure while we appreciate the lights, gingerbread houses, and Christmas movies the season brings. Maybe you're having visitors. Maybe you're visiting someone. Maybe you have a slew of Christmas parties to attend. Whatever the case may be, right beside every other holiday element, the issue of what to wear always seems to come up.

I don't know about you, but I have spent many an hour trying on outfit after outfit, trying to figure out what to wear to Christmas Eve dinner. Let's be honest here — finding the right outfit can become another factor that adds to the season's stress. It's hard to create the right look, and the addition of headwear can make things seem even more complicated.

But fashion is supposed to be fun; we're going to help you make sure it is! We have come up with 5 easy ways you can create holiday head wear outfits, and 5 outfit ideas to inspire you.  Read on to discover how to be a festive fashionista!


Method 1: You Can't Beat the Classics.

Just keep it simple! Pick out a nice formed hat, like the cloche hat below. Pair it with a cable knit sweater in the same color and some black trousers, then accessorize with black boots and simple stud earrings. You'll end up with a classic, timeless look that is guaranteed to be fabulous. 


Wool Myri Flower Cloche - $39.99



Method 2: Texture is your friend. 

Try out some textured head wear, like the Velour Twist Turban below. Textured head covers are a great option for the holidays because they add something unique to your look — and they're VERY stylish this season! Keep the rest of your look simple to hold the focus on your face. In the example below, we paired the turban with a solid turtle neck dress, tall boots, and simple studs. Tres chic, and tres merry!


Velour Twist Turban - $14.99


Method 3: Make your hat the star of the show.

Start by choosing a statement hat, like the Fleece Angelina Cloche below, and build your outfit around it by choosing pieces with similar colors. We paired the black and red Fleece Angelina with a nice black blouse and black slacks to bring attention up to the face, plus red shoes and earrings to emphasize the hat's pop of color. 


Fleece Angelina Cloche Hat - $19.99



Method 4: Bring the Bling, Baby! 

It is the holidays, after all — how often do you REALLY have to opportunity to sparkle like freshly fallen snow? So sparkle away! Select a hat with a shimmery accent like the Crystal & Wool Bethany Newsboy below. Pair it with extra sparkly statement jewelry and a bejeweled hat or sweater. Keep your pants and shoes basic by choosing dark leggings or pants and boots.


Crystal & Wool Bethany Newsboy - $37.99


Method 5: Be Fearlessly Festive!

Whoever said being "too Christmas-y" wasn't stylish was clearly a scrooge. What could be prettier than the combination of red and gold? Start by picking a red hat or scarf, like the Slip On Slinky below. Pair it with gold statement earrings, a red sweater, and a fun gold brooch to boost your Christmas spirit. We finished off the look below with jeans and sparkly gold sneakers, but you could make the look more formal by using trousers or a skirt with boots or heels instead. Totally cute and 100% Santa approved.


Slip On Slinky Headwrap in Cabernet Swirls - $19.99



One last tip: always pick out clothing that is comfortable and makes you feel good! We hope that we have inspired you to create the perfect holiday outfit! Let us know which look you liked the best in the comments below. You can shop our full selection of holiday head covers by clicking here