5 Unexpected Things That Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur for a number of reasons, from illness to genetics and so on. But there are also some sneaky and unexpected causes of hair loss that you might not have thought about. We’re here to share some of the most surprising reasons you may be experiencing thinning locks.

#1 - Too Much Vitamin A

Unexpected ways of hairless - Too much Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential part of keeping your body happy and healthy. This includes keeping your vision strong and assisting in cell reproduction, including skin cells and hair follicles. Sounds fabulous, right? But, wait: Overdoing the Vitamin A could inevitably lead to complications down the road.

Some consider Vitamin A a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning your body will store any unused portion in your body’s fat cells. The daily Vitamin A limit for those over 19 is 10,000 IU. Consuming more than the recommended dosage can eventually result in Vitamin A toxicity levels. If you’re experiencing a reaction to too much Vitamin A, you may experience dry eyes, nausea, diarrhea, or hair loss (Cue terrifying organ music).

While this may initially cause some stress and frustration, you’ll be glad to hear the effects are not permanent. In fact, any hair loss associated with Vitamin A toxicity can be reversed by simply limiting your intake of Vitamin A.

#2 - Lack of Protein

Unexpected ways to lose hair - lack of protein

Protein helps fuel your body and keeps you feeling nice and full. Protein also helps ensure your hair follicles stay shiny and healthy. A lack of protein not only ultimately affects the way your body functions but can also change your hair’s texture and overall health, potentially leading to hair loss.

The simple solution is working more protein in your diet. Meats, fish, and eggs are a fantastic way to easily make this happen. But meat isn’t the only way to obtain protein. For those not partial to meat or who practice a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you can still obtain protein from veggies and nuts such as chickpeas, nut butters, leafy greens, and chia seeds to name a few.

#3 - Stress

Unexpected ways to lose hair - stress - woman sees a chunk of hair pulled out

Emotional stress is already, well, stressful. Life throws so many stressors at us including illness, death, job loss, moving, and so many other factors can lead to overly stressful situations. Stress has the potential to take away our appetite, make us physically ill, give us anxiety, etc. Unfortunately, as if to add insult to injury, stress can also lead to hair loss.

Stress related hair loss occurs after you experience a harrowing event, creating a “shock to the system” thus leading to hair follicles prematurely entering the shedding phase. Studies have shown that stress can cause you to lose up to 70% of your scalp hair within two months. Fortunately, hair loss related to stress has proven to be temporary and will usually grow back within a few months time. If you're having a hard time alleviating stress try out some CBD Oil Capsules or CBD Oil Tincture.

#4 - Dramatic Weight Loss

Unexpected cause of hairloss- dramatic weight loss - scale with measuring tape around it

Those working to lose weight may find themselves with noticeable hair loss. Hair loss occurring due to significant weight loss can happen for several reasons. Depending how dramatic your weight loss is, you may have unintentionally placed stress on your system, placing your body in “shock” (see Stress section).

Another possible cause of hair loss due to weight loss may be due to your diet. Many people fall into the trap of fad diets, which are sometimes effective but usually fairly unhealthy. Your body may not be receiving all the nutrients and vitamins it requires to fully function, therefore causing weight loss over time. Instead, focusing on eating healthy, non-processed foods if you are trying to lose weight. As with stress hair loss, new strands should begin sprouting within the next few months with no permanent damage.

#5 - Dry Shampoo

Unexpected cause of hairloss - using dry shampoo too much - woman applying dry shampoo to scalp

Recently, several reports have surfaced claiming dry shampoo has been linked to hair loss. This news may have many women giving their ‘no fuss’ hair rejuvenating spray the side-eye. People are asking: Should I cut out dry shampoo completely?

Don’t worry, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. While many healthcare and hair care professionals have stated adverse side effects can occur due to pores becoming clogged and irritated, the general consensus is using dry shampoo as directed once or twice a week should be just fine for most people. Just keep in mind dry shampoo is not intended to replace normal shampooing or keep your hair and scalp clean.

So while the possibility dry shampoo may cause hair loss is still up for debate, experts can agree on one thing: Too much of anything can eventually produce detrimental results.

What to do if You Have Hair Loss

If you do have hair loss, it can affect your confidence and overall quality of life. There are several options you can try while your hair is growing back to help restore your sense of self.

1 - Wigs

Wigs are a fabulous, easy, and stylish way to disguise more severe hair loss. You might just fall in love with having always-perfect hair and being able to change up your style on a whim! Click here to visit this wig store and shop from a selection of hundreds of wigs.

2 - Toppers and Wiglets

Toppers and wiglets are a fantastic option for women with mild to moderate hair loss. These clip-in hairpieces add volume and hide hair thinning in a beautiful, realistic way. Click here to peruse tons of toppers.

3 - Hats, Scarves, and Headcovers

Hats and scarves are such a quick way to cover up hair loss, and they are so versatile and affordable! Try a slouchy beanie or a pure silk headscarf for an extra stylish look! Shop a huge selection of beautiful headwear for hair loss at this link.

4 - Hair Loss Products

Some products are designed to help promote hair growth and thicken and strengthen the hair strands to create a full look. Nioxin products are our personal favorite!Click here to learn more about nioxin.

Did any of these hair loss causes surprise you? Have any other unexpected causes of hair loss you would like to add? Tell us in the comments below!