8 Creative Gift Basket Ideas

Let's face it -- buying gifts is hard. We all want to get something amazing for the people we love, but that often proves to be an overwhelming task. The stores seem to be popping at the seams with people, there are millions of things to browse online, and some of us just don't feel crafty enough to make a gift. And for the most important people in our lives, sometimes buying one gift just isn't enough.

Well, we just made your gift-buying experience a little bit easier! Our stylist has personally selected head coverings, accessories, and more to create several "gift themes." Each theme contains four to six items so you can get all your shopping done in one place; plus, with eight different themes, you're sure to find the perfect gift idea for your loved one!



What could be better on a cold winter evening than snuggling up by the fire with a warm cup of tea and a good book? Our buttery-soft Fleece Chamois Slouchy Cap and fluffy Plush Slipper Socks make a cute and comfy pair that any cuddle-lover will fall for; throw in our adorable Heart Tea Strainer and "Uplift" by Barbara Delinsky, and your loved one will be absolutely swooning.

Total: $51.97



We all know someone who is constantly on the go, whether they are a travel-lover, chemo-warrior going to and from treatments, or simply a hard worker. Our Cotton Woodblock Headscarf and Tote Bag set will give your busy loved one a touch of fun, perfectly-coordinated flair while providing them with a perfectly-sized "carry-along" bag. Add one of our practical and adorable travel mugs to hold their drinks, a boxing glove key-chain to keep their keys on-hand, and a Pocket Sudoku book to give them something to do on the airplane or while waiting for their appointment to start, and you'll have the frequent traveler's dream gift!

Total: $57.96



The holidays can be a stressful time; the gift of an at-home spa day may be just the thing your loved one needs. Treat your gift recipient to some much-needed pampering with our Alra Therapy Lotion to sooth dry, winter skin, Aloe lip care treatment to keep lips nice and plump during the cold season (and all seasons), and our "Nourish My Eyes" set to give them an impeccably relaxing experience. Don't forget to add our Basic Terry Cloth Turban -- no spa day would be complete without this vintage and totally classic style!

Total: $39.96



If your loved one loves praising God, then a gift based around their faith is the just the thing. Our Clinging Cross will remind your loved one of God's presence, while our adorable Tin Prayer Box will allow them to write down their prayers. Our delicate Serenity Prayer Twist bracelet is engraved with the serenity prayer so your loved one can wear their faith in a pretty, stylish way. Add in our gorgeous, silky-smooth Bamboo Cuddle Cloche in “tranquility blue” to represent the tranquility your loved one finds through God.

Total: $70.96



Filled with sweet treats, this gift theme is just right for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen. Our Chenille Whimsy hat is as sugary-sweet as frosting, not to mention comfortable and timeless; pair it with our adorable Cupcake Prayer Box necklace, ideal for anyone who adores baking (or simply adores eating sweets) and write a meaningful note to your loved one to store inside the charm! Mix in a set of gorgeous Serenity Prayer Measuring Spoons -- they're pretty enough to serve as kitchen decor as well as functional baking utensils – and add our unique and fun Hat Cookie Cutter.

Total: $45.96



From novices to experts, all makeup enthusiasts are sure to love a beauty-themed gift – especially with the makeup Headcovers has to offer. Our indelible eyeliner is easy to use, super pigmented, and lasts all day; your loved one will be able draw a perfect wing or use the "smudger" on the opposite side to create a smokey look. Our Indelible eyebrow makeup creates a naturally beautiful brow look, whether your loved one is filling their brows in or drawing them on. Give them our newest, completely exclusive set of false lashes to make their eyes pop – don't forget to add in our Cardani Secure Hold Eyelash Glue! To finish off your loved one's new makeup set, add our long lasting Ultimate lipstick. Finally, glamorously understated Oversized headscarf is the perfect thing to complete this beautiful and useful gift set.

Total: $57.94



On the surface, shopping for a fashionista friends is simple – they obviously want clothes and accessories! However, it's not always easy to know what styles your loved one will like. It's usually best to go with something simple; our soft, classic Three Seam Turban is the perfect candidate. This versatile piece is the little-black-dress of head wear; pick out a neutral, black, or white so that it can be easily accessorized and worn with a variety of outfits. Next, add in the hat accessories. Our Rosette Scarf Twists, Deluxe Headwear Jewelry, and Hand Crocheted Flower Pin are all beautiful, stylish accessories; the fashion-lover in your life will be able to get creative by mixing and matching these accessories to create both formal and casual looks. Add a pair of Stainless Steel Leaf Earrings to give your loved one a little extra flair and versatility.

Total: $64.92



Surviving cancer is a huge accomplishment, and survivors deserve to be proud and sing it loud. Celebrate your loved one's enormous feat with these bold gifts; this gift theme is also great for celebrating the warrior-heart of those who are still fighting. Your loved one will adore wearing their clever and comfortable “I CAN Survive Cancer” T-shirt with their bedazzled Pink Ribbon Butterfly Baseball Cap. Complete the gift by adding in our Braided Leather Breast Cancer bracelet and Celebrate Life Pink Ribbon Suede necklace; they are the perfect accessories for casual, everyday wear with just the right amount of “oomph.”

Total: $58.96


Ultimately, the thought that goes into a present is what matters most -- but we still hope this guide helped you find a gift! What gift themes would you like see in the future? Happy Shopping, everyone!