8 Halloween Costumes You Will Want to Wear All Year

Halloween comes around every year, bringing scary movies, trick or treaters and – of course – costume parties. Love it or hate it, you probably have a few parties marked on your calendar.

To some, dressing up for Halloween is a treat. "I love expressing my creativity by wearing fun costumes," say the Halloween lovers.

To others, dressing up is more of a trick. To them, Halloween costumes seem like a waste and an inconvenience. "I don't want to spend money on some crazy outfit I'll use once and never touch again," say the Halloween Grinches.

Whatever type of person you are, you have a few options if you're going to any parties this October:

1) Shell out $50 on an ill fitting costume from the party store.

2) Be that person -- the one who shows up to the costume party in their normal clothes. Don't be that person.

3) Put together your own costume.

The third option is our favorite. Don't be intimidated. Making a Halloween costume doesn't necessarily mean sewing like a mad man and putting in a lot of time and effort; it means you'll have a unique look that you can make out of items you already have. Or, use it as an excuse to get some genuinely cute new clothes! Been eyeing a fab sweater lately? Treat yo' self! Buy the sweater and use it in your Halloween costume. If anyone is like "um, you don't need another sweater," just say, "I need it for the Jones' Halloween party!" You see where this is going? 

So making your own Halloween costume equals getting new clothes and/or saving money by using pieces already in your closet? Sounds good. Without further ado, here are 8 quick and easy Halloween costumes made of pieces you'll actually want to wear: 




This costume is super easy. Just wear a tie dye shirt, flared jeans, some peace signs, and this awesome tie dye scarf. Add some round sunglasses for an extra groovy look. 

Oblong Batik Headscarf

100% Cotton Oblong Batik Headscarf - $16.99





Most people already have a plain top and ballet flats. Add a super cute tulle skirt and a sweet ballet pink hat, and boom. Instant ballerina. A nice tulle skirt can be worn in lots of settings after Halloween; pair it with a leather jacket to add a softness to your look. And this amazingly soft beanie can be worn anywhere all season long. 

Embroidered Flower Beanie

Wool Blend 3D Flower Beanie Hat - $24.99





You can never go wrong with a flapper costume. Wear a drop waist dress, pearls, Mary Janes, and this quintessential cloche hat for a costume that's the bee's knees.

Cuddle Cloche

Cardani Bamboo Cuddle Cloche - $26.99





The easiest costume ever. Black pants, black sneakers, a black and white stripe shirt, and our perfect black Slouchy Snood beanie cap already make a cute and cool outfit. Just add the mask. 


100% Cotton Slouchy Snood Hat - $16.99



Girl With A Pearl Earring

Girl With A Pearl Earring

This Vermeer inspired number is the costume of choice for art lovers. You'll need a khaki coat or cardigan, a white shirt or dress, a picture frame, a Bamboo So Simple Scarf in denim, and, obviously, pearl earrings. Hold the picture frame or hang it around your neck; you'll look like you hopped straight out of the painting.


Cardani Pre Tied Bamboo So Simple Scarf - $28.99





Be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. "Pink" and "sparkly" are the keywords. Wear our Glitter Baseball Cap and Ponytail Headband, and build from there. A blonde ponytail headband would be the most accurate, but we recommend getting a color you would want to wear after Halloween. Safety pin or tape a print out of the Barbie logo to the ball cap if you really want to drive the point home. 

Glitter Baseball Cap

Glitter Baseball Cap - $16.99

Ponytail Headband

Cardani Ponytail Headband - $39.99



Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady

If you are anything like me, you have probably been teased about being a crazy cat lady. So what better costume? Wear a bath robe and get a matching Basic Terry Turban. Safety pin some stuffed cats to the robe or put them in the pockets to say, "I love cats and I don't care who knows!" Complete the look with cat eye glasses and slippers. Bonus points if you can bring your actual cat to the party and walk it around on a leash.

Terry Cloth Turban

Basic Terry Cloth Turban - $11.99





To make this costume, you need a plaid shirt, jeans or overalls, and some creative makeup. Top it off with the Basic Bucket Hat with Sunflowers Pins attached. Our Sterling Silver Acorn Earrings also make a nice addition!

Basic Bucket

Basic Bucket Brim Hat - $18.99

Sunflower Pin

Hand Crocheted Sunflower Pin - $5.99

Sterling Silver Acorn Earrings

Sterling Silver Petite Acorn Dangle Earrings - $19.99



We hope this post helped you decide what to be for Halloween! Which costume is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!