Celebrity Wig Inspiration for 2018

We're well into 2018 now. Some of us are still holding strong to our new year resolutions, but a lot of us are not doing as well. I mean, it's hard to eat healthier when there are cookies, brownies, and donuts in the break room at work. Personally, I blame my coworkers for my less-than-successful attempts to "better myself," but you can blame anyone you want it's up to you!

[caption id="attachment_73046" align="alignnone" width="704"]Donuts: the bane of my diet. Donuts: the bane of my diet.[/caption]

In any case, keeping our new years resolutions becomes increasingly difficult as we fall back into our ordinary routines. Sometimes changing our appearance helps to renew our confidence and restore our "new year, new me" attitude. We create outward changes to reflect inward changes. And what better way is there to change your appearance than with a fresh hairstyle?

To ensure you're picking a stylish cut, you can draw inspiration from your favorite celebrities. This works not only when selecting a new hair cut, but also when selecting a new wig. So, without further ado, here are 8 of our favorite celebrity hairstyles for 2018 and matching wigs!


Janelle Monet

Power by Raquel Welch Wigs - $135.15


We love Janelle Monet's confident and modern pixie cut. Get the same fearless look with this tousled Raquel Welch style.


Scarlett Johansson

Go For It by Raquel Welch Wigs - $194.65


Johansson's 'do has a short back and sides with a longer side swept top, creating the perfect combination of edgy and soft. Go For It by Raquel Welch Wigs is a dead ringer for this cut.


Katie Holmes

Kaley by Jon Renau Wigs - $182.24


Get Katie Holmes' relaxed and effortless chin-length cut with Kaley by Jon Renau Wigs.


Selena Gomez

January by Jon Renau Wigs - $331.84


Selena Gomez's voluminous bob features soft curls for a messy, "I woke up like this" look. January by Jon Renau Wigs captures this style perfectly.



Elle by Jon Renau Wigs - $304.64


You can never go wrong with a one-length long bob. This style looks timeless and classy on Adele, and it will look timeless and classy on you as well.


Kristen Bell

Work It by Raquel Welch Wigs - $254.15


Bell's mid-length cut features a fashionable deep side part and semi-blunt ends. Emulate this look with Work It by Raquel Welch Wigs.


Sophia Vergara

Robin by Noriko Wigs - $135


With curtain bangs and face framing layers, Vergara's long hair gives a flattering, vintage look. Sweep the fringe on Robin by Noriko Wigs to either side to perfectly achieve Vergara's luxurious look.



Sarah by Jon Renau Wigs - $448.80


Of course we had to include Queen B! Get her long, softly curled style with Sarah by Jon Renau Wigs.


We hope these styles have inspired you! Didn't find a wig you liked? Don't worry, because there are plenty more to choose from. Shop all wigs here.


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