5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas & the Holidays During COVID-19

The holidays are upon us once again. Break out the pies, the decorations, and (maybe most importantly) the egg nog! After almost a year of making adjustments to our habits and schedules, many people are starting to question how to stay safe this holiday season during  COVID-19. How can I continue to safely celebrate family traditions? Can I even spend the holidays with my loved ones? Will the song ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’ be a lie this year? 


Don’t panic! We have the answer to these questions as well as some holiday gathering ideas to keep your season merry and bright.

The CDC continues to stay a step ahead and has offered several recommendations for staying safe during the holiday season. These include:

  • Limiting the number of people at a gathering
  • Staying up to date on infection numbers in your area
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Continuing to wear masks

Even without the extra stresses of COVID, planning for the holidays can feel like a perfect storm  of joy and frustration. Here are some suggestions for a safe and happy holiday season: 

1. Throw an Outdoor Gathering

Family outdoor dinner during holiday season Family outdoor dinner during holiday season

Although not totally ideal for those living in super chilly areas, planning an outside gathering allows you to maintain social distancing while still enjoying some much needed family time. For extra safety measures, it’s best to forego the buffet table and provide either goodie bags or pre-plated meals. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your kids/nieces/nephews fall into a pie-induced sugar coma.

2. Hold a Zoom Thanksgiving/Christmas Family Gathering

Holiday season family video zoom call Holiday season family video zoom call

Technology is no longer just for work or mindless browsing; It’s become an invaluable tool for keeping in contact with your loved ones. With software programs such as Zoom, you can easily keep in touch with your family and friends. If one of your holiday traditions is a big family dinner, set a menu and have everyone cook their own small-scale version complete with dessert and plenty of wine. Next, set a time to meet up via Zoom and enjoy a fabulous home-cooked meal with all the perks of a family gathering minus the massive clean-up.

3. Have a Drive-By Holiday Party

Holiday season COVID-19 safe drive by party Holiday season COVID-19 safe drive by party

Similar to drive-by birthday parties/baby showers, the Drive-By Holiday Party is a perfect way to celebrate your family and friends with very little contact. Send out invitations with a specified date and time-frame. As party central, start by decorating your front yard with the works: colorful lights, steamers, maybe even a bubble machine! Christmas themed goodie bags are a must. These could be separated into kids bags, with puzzles, candy, and fun trinkets and adult bags, with alcohol, chocolate, and more alcohol. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to throw a drive-by party; It’s all about having fun!

4. Christmas Light Up Your Life

Holiday season COVID-19 safe activity- Christmas lights Holiday season COVID-19 safe activity- Christmas lights

Nothing says “The Holidays are Here!” quite like the draw of twinkling lights carefully laced along the outside of your home. A holiday tradition of many is not only stringing up your own lights, but also perusing surrounding neighborhoods to catch a glimpse of other shimmering houses. What better reason to grab some hot chocolate, pile everyone in the car, and just enjoy the scenery. No walking in the cold, no big crowds, and hot chocolate?! Seriously, can you think of a better way to spend an evening?

5. Take a Break

Take a break this holdiay season Take a break this holdiay season

Are your holidays normally filled with travelling from one family to another, trying to squeeze everyone in? Take a step back and a deep breath. Feel better? After such a long, stressful year, don’t be afraid to skip certain events and spend time alone or with your immediate family. This might even be a great time to binge new shows, practice your baking skills, and maybe start some new holiday traditions.

Don't Forget Your Face Mask!

No matter what you decide to do this holiday season, make sure you always wear a face mask in public and at any gatherings! Give our festive Christmas & Holiday face masks a spin--these soft and comfy bamboo face masks have three layers of protection, adjustable ear straps, and a an interior filter pocket! 

To Sum Up....

While the holiday season is considered a time of togetherness by many, our current circumstances require that we get a little creative with how we celebrate with our loved ones. Fortunately, thanks to technology and a little ingenuity, this holiday season can still be one to remember (and not just because of COVID)! 


What are some cherished holiday traditions you can still embrace this year? Let us know in the comments section below!