What is Full Head Coverage?

If you've been shopping for hats online, you've probably noticed the term "full head coverage." A hat that provides full head coverage covers all parts of the head where hair grows, including the entire hairline, above the ears, and above the nape of the neck.

When shopping for a hair loss hat, full head coverage is crucial. If you have lost your hair and wear a hat that does not provide full head coverage, parts of your scalp where hair usually grows will be visible; this may make you feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Many hats that aren't designed for hair loss don't provide full head coverage. Most commonly, these hats are not "deep" enough and do not cover the lower parts of the head. Popular hat styles such as fedoras, cadet caps, and baseball caps are the least likely to offer full head coverage.

There was a time when finding full coverage head wear was a challenge. Thankfully, all of our hats and turbans are designed to provide full head coverage. You don't need to try on 100 hats to find one that's deep enough, because we've already done that for you.


100% Cotton Slouchy Snood                     $16.99


Cardani Luxury Bamboo Florette Newsboy   $24.99


How To Make Any Hat Full Coverage

Maybe you bought a cute sun hat that's a little too shallow, or want to wear your favorite baseball cap. Even though these hats don't provide full head coverage by themselves, you can still wear them; all you have to do is wear something underneath. Think of it as an undershirt or a slip for your head wear.

There are two ways you can style your "under hats": the neutral route or the fashion route. If you want the under hat to blend in, go the neutral route by choosing something that is the same color as the hat, matches your skin tone, or matches your natural hair color. If you want to have a little bit of fun, go the fashion route and choose colors that compliment, contrast, or add something new and different to the hat.

There are several things you can wear under your hats to make them full coverage:




Cardani Bamboo Lace Hat Liner

Wear under: Any hat

Bonus: It can also be worn as a sleep cap!

Price: $14.99




Cardani Bamboo Wig Cap

Wear under: Any hat

Bonus: It can also be worn under wigs

Price: $6.50




Cardani Bamboo Wide Headband

Wear under: Hats that are not deep enough

Bonus: They are great to use during work outs

 Price: $5.99




Hand Stamped Wood Block Head Scarves

Wear under: Sun hats, fedoras, and visors

Bonus: You can also wear them by themselves, or tie them around your neck to accessorize

Price: $15.99


Ponytail Headband


 Cardani Ponytail Headband

Wear under: Baseball caps

Bonus: The detachable ponytail can be attached to the Instant Hair Headband and worn as a low ponytail with any hat.

Price: $39.99


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