How to Transition Your Wardrobe Into Fall

Now that it's the middle of August, we're entering into that time of year. You know what I'm talking about; it's not quite fall, but it's not really summer either. The Halloween décor at the store, pumpkin spice lattes popping up everywhere, and sprawl of kids going back to school stand in stark contrast to the still-blistering August heat. After a hot summer, we want nothing more than to pull out our fluffy sweaters and cuddle up with a warm cup of coffee... but with temperatures in the 90s by noon, fluffy sweaters aren't exactly practical. In other words, the fall-summer overlap is awkward. Here are our top tips for gracefully transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall.


Tip 1: Wear Layers

With chilly mornings and sweltering afternoons, you can't go wrong with layers.

For a sophisticated layered look, try:

  • Wearing knit cardigans over silk and lace blouses.
  • Wearing tights and leggings under sun dresses.
  • Pairing a lightweight sweater and a scarf with a t-shirt for a simple, classic look.

How to layer in summer and fall.

Left: This woman has paired a basic blazer and a lightweight scarf with a basic white T-Shirt to create a soft and elegant look.

Right: Adding black leggings to a colorful summer dress gives a fun, dimensional look, and makes the dress pop.


Tip 2: Mix and Match

Use both your summer and fall pieces to create a look that works for both seasons. There are several ways to do this, but we have two favorites:

1. Incorporate fall and summer colors

Add traditional fall colors like terracotta, olive, brown, and red to your summer look. For instance, try accessorizing a patterned summer blouse with a solid “fall color” hat.

Combine summer floral prints with fall colors.

Above, we paired this summer floral top with a Slouchy Snood Cap in Hunter Green to bring the blouse into fall.

2. Don't shy away from sandals.

Pairing a classic sweater-and-jeans combo with summer sandals adds a light, airy feel to your look.

Wear sweaters with sandals for a light look.

The sandals also add a layer of sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit.


Tip 3: Material Matters

Don't break out your wool until the latter half of autumn. At the beginning of fall and the end of the summer, stick to fabrics that are soft and breathable. Cotton knits are the ideal choice for in between seasons and throughout fall; you'll feel comfy, but you won't overheat.

Cotton knits are perfect for summer and fall.

Left: 100% Cotton Butterfly Fringe Beanie Cap - $39.99

Right: Cotton Brandy Hat - $29.99



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