Myths & Facts About Plucking Gray Hair

Gray hair has become a trend among hip celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Ciara, Hillary Duff, Evan Rachel Wood, and Pink, to name a few. For young people in their 20s to 30s, gray hair can make quote a bold fashion statement. Gray's unique duality is embodied in the fact it is both neutral and head-turning, particularly when paired with a wrinkle-free face. For the rest of us, gray hair often signals the inevitable passage of time and aging, thereby imbuing it with emotional and psychological baggage. As such, some women start plucking gray hair, whether the first one sprouts at age 25 or 50. Many women go to the beauty salon every 6 to 8 weeks to have their hair colored, while others dye it at home. At best, this is a temporary way to “turn back the clock” because those stubborn grays keep popping out, which makes plucking them tempting.

Your stylist might tell you to never pluck your gray hairs because it will cause more gray hairs to grow. Here is a look at the most common myths about plucking gray hairs and some interesting facts that will likely cause you to change your plucking habits.

It is a myth that plucking a gray hair will cause 10 more to crop upPlucking one gray hair will only cause one new gray hair to grow out of the same hair follicle. Gray hair occurs when the cells in hair follicles known as melanocytes cease to produce pigment, the primary one being melanin. Two types of melanin within the pigmentation of hair follicles determine hair color, eumelanin and pheomelanin. The more eumelanin one has, the darker one’s hair color. Surrounding hairs will not turn gray or white until the pigment cells in those follicles die.



Five Reasons Not to Pluck Gray Hair

1. Possible scalp damage. Pulling a hair out rapidly disrupts and may even inflict damage on the surface of the scalp. A thin lining surrounds the hair and guides it to the surface of the skin from the follicle. Disruption in the lining can cause several issues, one of the most common being an ingrown hair. The site of an ingrown hair forms a reddish, raised bump, similar in appearance to a pimple. This can be itchy, painful, and produce pus if it becomes infected.

2. Scalp Trauma: Plucking hairs out of one’s head induces a slight trauma to both the scalp and the hair follicle. This may produce a second of pain and perhaps a minute of redness as blood vessels dilate in response to the microtrauma. In terms of the actual hair, every time you pluck, you cause a momentary strain to the follicle. Although rare, plucking continuously and forcefully enough can distress the scalp, ultimately thinning or stunting hair growth.

3. Risks: Repeated trauma to any follicle can cause infection, scar formation, or possibly lead to bald patches.

4. Gray Comes Back: While plucking a gray hair temporarily makes it disappear, the hair follicle cycle resets and grows another gray hair in its place. Do you really want to spend time on something that is essentially futile?

5. Hair Texture Changes: Plucking gray hair can change the texture of the hair, causing new gray hair to grow in wiry or frizzy.



Embrace Your Gray

Now that you know the potential repercussions of plucking gray hair, you may determine enough is enough and stop doing this. You may also decide not to color your hair and rock your gray tresses as a natural part of the aging process. If you do, there are many ways to ensure a smooth and graceful transition and enjoy your beautiful gray hair for many years to come.


Gray Hair Beauty Tips

  Include plenty of B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

  Going gray may require warmer color makeup, so try a warmer blush or lipstick color

  Keep your hair moisturized and in good condition to ensure it looks great

  Occasionally color correct with a blue-tinted hair product to avoid a yellowish hue

  Use a gloss treatment to smooth frizzy hair

  Highlight the silvery properties of your gray hair with a mild silver shampoo

  While you should go easy on heat appliances, straightening it can bring out its beauty and shine

  Install a filter on your shower

  Use hair products formulated for gray hair and a clarifying shampoo

  Try a new haircut such as a bob or a short cut with long top layers


Have you plucked gray hairs? Did this article make you change your mind about plucking hairs? Please share below.


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