Stop Overheating In Your Wig: 5 Tips & Styles for Summer

Outside, the weather is bright and sunny. Summer is well on its way, bringing with it pool parties, picnics, and, unfortunately, unprecedented heat and sunburns. Whether you are going through chemotherapy and just starting to lose your hair, or it is growing back, it’s important to protect your extra sensitive scalp from the sun. Hats, scarves, and wigs are all ideal solutions to protect your scalp from the scorching hot sun. Of course, it can be hard to know how to be both stylish and comfortable during the heat. Don’t sweat it – Headcovers has tons of tips to help you rock the best summer hairstyles while staying cool.



Cool Summer Hairstyles 

Woman with short strawberry blonde hair in blue shirt in front of window.

Tip #1: Choose Synthetic Wigs

Human hair wigs are great during cool weather, but you might want to consider a synthetic hair for warmer weather.

There are several reasons why we recommend synthetic wigs for hot summer days:

  • Wigs made from synthetic fibers are lightweight, making your head more comfortable and cooler. 
  • Synthetic wigs retain their style, meaning they won't get frizzy and hard to manage in the humidity like human hair wigs. 
  • Synthetic fibers are more resistant to fading or changing colors in the sun.

However, there are also things to keep in mind when wearing a synthetic wig: 

  • Synthetic fibers can melt in high heat, so it’s important to avoid open flames (e.g. the outdoor grill) or hot hair-styling tools, unless you opt for heat friendly synthetic hair. Don't leave your wig alone in a hot car—that's a recipe for disaster.
  • This type of wig may be more resistant to color change than human hair wigs, but they can still be damaged by the sun. Take note of how much time you are spending in the sun, and be sure to wear a hat or scarf over your wig if you are going to be in the sun for extended periods of time. This will  protect both your wig and your skin from sun damage.
  • While it’s not good to over wash your wigs, you are more prone to excessive sweating in the summer. Oils can get clogged in your scalp and the hair stands of your wig. If you feel your wig is getting dirty more quickly than usual, go ahead and wash it more often following proper care tips.
  • Store your wigs in room temperature away from sun exposure when you’re not wearing them.



Tip #2: Go for Short Styles

Short wigs are a terrific option for summer months. Whether you choose a pixie cut, a shaggy style, or a wavy bob, we love short styles for so many reasons:

  • Short styles keep hair off your neck, which means you will be cooler.
  • Less hair means less weight, which again means—you guessed it—you will be cooler!
  • Short styles are cool in more way than one; they're also super trendy, especially for the warm season.
  • Can you say versatile? There are so many options to choose from, and the possibilities are endless – you can try a bob one day, a pixie cut the next, and a cute and curly 'do the day after.
  • Another huge bonus of short styles? They are often less expensive than their longer counterparts. Win!
  • Short wigs are low maintenance. Who has time to constantly worry about their hair while they're having fun in the sun? 



Tip #3: Color is Your Friend

Always dreamed of having that perfect California girl blonde hair? With a wig, you can get any color you want in an instant. Why not try out a fresh new color for summer? For the warm season, try mixing up your hair color by choosing a wig that incorporates warm, light tones—either with highlights or color throughout the whole wig. 


Tip #4: Wear Hair for Hats

If its a particularly hot day, you may not feel like wearing a wig at all. Instead, wear hair for hats! Our hair halos and bangs have open tops and are designed to be worn under hats and scarves. They're perfect for hot days, because they allow your head to breathe. Try pairing these unique hairpieces with lightweight hats, breathable bamboo headwear, silk scarves, cotton bandanas, UPF protection sun hats, and more.


More Tips for Summer Hairstyles 

  • A wig cap creates a barrier between your hair and the wig, an essential feature during hot weather. Select a wig cap made of stretchy bamboo because its natural moisture-wicking will keep perspiration off of your head.
  • Avoid chlorine and saltwater while wearing your wig because they can damage the fibers. Take it off and wear a swim cap instead to protect your scalp. With all the cute swim cap styles, you’ll be tempted to wear it after you’re out of the water!
  • Add hair accessories like headbands and hair pins to your wig to create a fun and feminine look.



Need inspiration? Check out the beautiful summer-ready wig styles below!


1. Virtue by Eva Gabor Wigs

Virtue by Eva Gabor Wigs - Woman with Short Blonde Hair Smiling

Virtue is a cropped pixie cut, and its one of the best summer hairstyles ever! Breathable, low maintenance, a little bit edgy, and less than $100, virtue is one of our tops picks for summer.


2. Jazz by Jon Renau Wigs

Jazz by Jon Renau Wigs - Woman with cropped blonde hair looking over shoulder.

This longer-length pixie is a flattering pick. Sweeping layers give a super stylish look. Simply take this wig out of it's box, tousle it, and you're good to go.


3. Rae by Rene of Paris Wigs

Rae is an asymmetrical, softly curled short style that gives a modern, romantic look. Whatever activities summer may bring, you'll be stylish in Rae by Rene of Paris.


4. Innuendo by Eva Gabor Wigs

Innuendo by Eva Gabor Wigs - Smiling woman with shaggy strawberry blonde hair looking forward.

Innuendo by Eva Gabor Wigs is another super-low-maintenance style. Featuring shaggy, razor cut layers and bangs, this wig looks great even when it's messy.


6. Hannah Headband Bob by Cardani Wigs

Hannah Headband Bob by Cardani Wigs - Woman wearing denim shirt and black headband with chin-length auburn hair.

The Hannah Bob is a partial wig that covers the entire head. The front half of the wig is actually a sweat-wicking headband. The super comfy headband, made of yoga-pant material, makes this bob one of our go-to cool summer hairstyles. It's cute, casual, and easy. Wrap a Mini Scarf over the black band to get a different look! 


6. Modern Motif by Eva Gabor Wigs

Modern Motif by Eva Gabor Wigs - Serious woman with platinum blonde curly hair looking over shoulder.

With its beachy waves and laid back look, this curled bob hairstyle is a gorgeous option for summertime. 


What's your favorite summer hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below!


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