What is an Online Wig Consultation?

The traditional process of shopping for a wig is simple: go to a wig shop, try on wigs, and take home the style you like. Shopping for wigs online, however, can be a little more complicated. Buying a wig online has a pletora of advantages over visiting a store, including cheaper prices, greater style and color selection, easy re-purchasing, and the comfort of shopping from home (just to name a few). The one disadvantage of online wig shopping? You might have a hard time picking the wig that is right for you, and an even harder time finding the right color. Thankfully, you're not alone when you're shopping for your wig—online wig consultants are here to help you. 


What exactly does an online wig specialist do? 

Just like in a brick-and-mortar store, an online wig specialist is an individual who is trained to offer guidance in any way possible during the wig shopping process, especially when it comes to choosing a wig hair color. For most people, shopping for anything online can come with a hefty dose of uncertainty due to a lack of guidance. This is where a wig specialist can step in and save the day. 

A wig specialist will go the extra mile to ensure your chosen color is as close to your desired color as possible. If a color consultation is requested, a wig specialist will contact you for either a lock of your biological hair or a photograph of you in natural light that best represents the color you want (this can be sent via email instead of mailed). Headcovers offers a color consultation for free as an added bonus. 

 The Process of Shopping for a Wig Online

 Step 1: Research

The first thing you should do when you decide to buy a wig online is research wigs in general to find out what type of wig is right for you. Pay special attention to these attributes: 

If at any point in this process you have questions, simply send us an email or give us a call at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS). Our certified wig expert is here to make finding the right wig as simple as possible.


 Step 2: Shopping

 Now it's time to shop for your wig. Use the filters on our wig page to select your desired attributes. This will narrow down the selection to only wigs that fit your criteria. Read our article on shopping for wigs online to learn how to effecively and easily use filters to find the right wig for you here. Once you have decided on a wig, it's time to get your consultation. Need help? Our wig consultant can answer questions you have about individual styles via phone call at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS) or email. You can shop our full assortment of wigs at this link.

How does an online wig consultation work?

Getting your free wig consulation is the easiest way to find the perfect color for your perfect wig. This unique process is completely tailored to you and your needs. 

1. Submit Your Order 

Once you find THE wig, click the color drop down menu and select one of the following: 

  • Consultation Requested - Your order will be passed on to a wig specialist, who will then email you directly for any additional details they need. 
  • Sending Picture - Once your order is submitted, the wig specialist will send an email your way to requesting you attached a picture for your color match. Be sure the image you send shows your hair in natural light or as close to your desired color as you can.
  • Sending Swatch - Mailing a swatch of your hair is the most effective way for the wig specialist to find the closest color to your natural locks. You will be provided more information via email regarding where to mail your hair swatch. Be sure to cut a swatch from the top layer of your hair as the underside of your hair is not exposed to the sunlight and will therefore be darker than the outer locks. 
  • Cross Reference - This is a great option for those happy with the current color of their wig, but wanting to try a different style or designer. The wig specialist will contact you to verify which wig you would like to compare. 


2. The Consultation 

Now it’s time for the wig specialist to work her magic. Our wig expert will compare your swatch or picture to the available wig colors and pick the best matches available.

Next, the wig specialist will then email you a picture of the closest color swatch or swatches for your approval. If there are two similar colors, the wig specialist will provide you with more details about each color and request you choose which you would prefer. 

You can then ask the wig consultant any questions and approve your color choice. 


3. Your Order is In!

Once you choose your color, the wig specialist will update and place your order with the wig designer. Wig shopping is done. Life is good!

 Feeling a little more secure about making an online wig purchase? Hopefully the answer is a super confident “Yes”! Have any tips for first time wig buyers? Tell us in the comments section below! Shop a full assortment of wigs and hair pieces online at this link.