All Cotton Helen Hat

All Cotton Helen Hat - Newsboy Peak Cap

This stylish cap features a petite brim and woven 100% cotton fibers for a comfortable fit. This design has been created with a rounded crown that gives a fuller look on top, something so often desired by women with hair loss. Our All Cotton Helen Hat offers full head coverage for women suffering from hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy treatments, or other medical hair loss conditions. We know you're going to love the secure fit of this design. The neutral hues that this cap is offered in are perfect for adding a great basic to your headwear wardrobe. It's so easy to just throw on. Pair it with jeans and a tee shirt for a fantastically laid back look that is sure to please.
The soft cotton fibers of our All Cotton Helen Hat will hug your head securely and comfortably. It is soft to the touch and great for women with sensitive scalps because it won't itch or scratch. This sporty cap is perfect for all of your casual occasions and can even be dressed up with a hat pin for a fancier look.
One size fits most. Our soft 100% cotton fabric will stretch to accommodate petite to large head sizes. Those with much larger heads may find this cap to fit more snugly.

This hat is recommended for:

  • Cancer and chemotherapy patients
  • Women with medical hair loss or alopecia
  • Women with or without hair
  • All head sizes
  • All weather wear
  • Sun protection wear
  • Casual wear
  • Sensitive scalps
  • Hair covering for modest women
All Cotton Helen Hat - Newsboy Peak Cap
All Cotton Helen Hat - Newsboy Peak Cap
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