Cardani® was founded in 2011 by Danielle Yates, in honor of her mother Carol, a breast cancer survivor. At the heart of the brand is a desire to make the lives of cancer patients and women with hair loss a little bit better. That mission is accomplished by creating top quality products with a perfect fit at an accessible price. Cancer patients have a lot of expenses and everyone deserves to look and feel their best despite their situation. The Cardani® brand includes a wide range of products - all created to meet the unique needs of women with hair loss due to cancer, alopecia, aging or other conditions. Cardani® has also gained a large following of women without hair loss who simply love the brand's products and superior materials. Discover Cardani's pro quality cosmetic line, all sourced from the same manufacturers as the world's most expensive luxury makeup brands but at a realistic price for everyone. Feel the full coverage, smooth caps that are gentle and soft on a sensitive scalp. Discover your inner fashionista with stylish, trendy hats that will leave everyone asking where you found them. Explore the world of eyebrow wigs and false eyelashes - Cardani® was the very first line of eyebrow wigs in the United States. Try out the brand's innovative wigs and top quality hair pieces. Finally, explore Cardani's ultra comfortable bamboo women's clothing; It looks like a million bucks but has the comfort of your favorite worn pajamas.
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The Cardani® Brand Story

Cardani® was founded in 2011 by Danielle Yates, in honor of her mother Carol, a breast cancer survivor. But Cardani's roots go all the way back to 1990 when Carol was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40.  She lost all of her hair due to treatments and was unable to find anything that looked remotely attractive to cover her head. Wigs didn't look natural and she found them uncomfortable. The few hats that she could find provoked stares and looks of pity.

When Carol woke up from her first breast surgery in 1991, she realized that the doctors had left the surgical cap on her head because she was bald. This was one of the lowest moments in her life. She vowed that if she survived, no other cancer patient would have to go through the same experience. Carol began designing hats and founded Headcovers Unlimited in 1994. Danielle was alongside her throughout this journey and even made the first company website on her home computer back in 1994. It was a lot more primitive than it is today! It's hard to believe now, but this was a time when most people had never even heard of the Internet.

Carol lived for 20 years with metastic breast cancer. She passed away in 2009, defying her doctor's predictions by almost 15 years. Danielle witnessed her mother's embarrassment and shame over her hair loss first hand. She promised to continue and honor her mother's legacy. The Cardani® brand is symbollic of a mother and daughter's bond during struggles. The eternal love that actively remains even in death. Carol is still at the heart of the brand. The name Cardani® is a combination of Carol and Danielle's names. The first 3 letters of Cardani are the first three letters in Carol's name. The next 4 letters are the first 4 letters in Danielle's name.

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