Our popular cloth face masks and medical masks for coronavirus are available in multiple sizes, fabrics and colors. Made of comfortable bamboo fabric or organic cotton, our anti-viral masks provide excellent protection. We are updating our site continuously. Sign up for our mailing list (link in the footer) for updates on our virus-protection masks.

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Face Mask FAQ's



When will my mask ship?

All face masks are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing.



What sizes are available?

Our face masks come in 5 sizes for men. women, and children:


Size 0 - Children's Size: This mask is suited for children up to 11 years old.

Size 1- Women's Small/Medium: Most women find this mask to be the perfect fit.

Size 2 - Women's Medium/Large | Men's Average: This mask is great for women with wider or taller faces and women who want a roomier fit.  Based on customer feedback, women who like a more generous fit and wear a 2XL or above in clothing may prefer a large sized mask. It is ideal for men who are under 6' tall. 

Size 3 - Women's XL | Men's Large: Good for women who want an extra roomy fit. Based on customer feedback, women who like a more generous fit and wear a 2XL or above in clothing may prefer a large sized mask. Good for men who are over 6', or who have wider or taller faces. Some men who wear an XL or higher in clothing may prefer a large sized mask.

Size 4 - XXL: This size was specifically designed for men with beards.


Masks are unisex and men's and women's masks are the same for each number (a men's side 2 is the same as women's size 2).   The straps on our antiviral masks are adjustable to provide the perfect fit.  Measurements are provided for each product. We recommend measuring your face for desired coverage if you are unsure of size. Generally, the smallest mask that fits you comfortably is going to provide the best seal. A significant degree of comfort is based on personal preference. No matter which size you choose,  sizes 1-4 will adequately cover the nose and mouth of any adult. 


Does this cloth mask come with filters?

Filters are sold separately and are not included with your face mask purchase. We recommend inserting a PM2.5 filter or an N95 filter which should be changed with every wear. Our filters are CE certified to ensure that they are authentic and meet filtration standards. PM2.5 filters are available hereVisit our resource page to learn more about filters



Where can I buy filters for the mask?

PM2.5 filters are available here.  Our filters are CE certified. Filters are available in packs of ten (10).  When you purchase a 10 pack, you will receive 10 filters in one package. If you are unable to add filters to your cart, we have sold out. Keep checking back as we are restocking mask filters regularly.



Do I need filters to wear this face mask?

Our fitted masks have a built in pocket where a filter can be inserted. The accordion style masks do not. While wearing a filter with an antiviral mask will provide more protection, it is not necessary to insert a filter. Our masks have an inner water-resistant poly layer that protects against droplets, as well as two additional layers of fabric. This means that the masks already comes with 3 layers of protection. Please note that these masks by themselves are not medical-grade and may not provide as much protection or filtration as PM2.5 or N95 masks. PM2.5 Filters are available here



Do antiviral masks work? Do they really protect against coronavirus?

Studies have shown that while cloth face masks do not provide as much filtration as medical masks such as the N95 and PM2.5 face masks, they still provide some protection against the coronavirus. Our fitted masks can be made more effective by inserting a filter into the inner pocket. They also come with 3 layers of fabric, providing more protection than other cloth face masks.

It is important to note that no face cover mask can prevent one from becoming infected, and wearing a mask is not a substitute for practicing social distancing and hand-washing. Please note that, by themselves, these masks are not medical-grade and may not provide as much protection or filtration as PM2.5 or N95 masks. They are not FDA approved. Consult with your health care provider or follow CDC guidelines for ways to protect yourself against coronavirus.

Learn more about the best face masks here: https://www.headcovers.com/blog/surgical-masks-the-best-types-of-face-masks-for-virus-protection/



Are these masks reusable and washable?

Yes, our cloth face masks are reusable. We recommend washing the masks at a minimum of 140 degrees (delicate cycle) and air drying after each wear to sanitize it for your next wear. Therefore, it is a good idea to have one to wash and one to wear. 



How do I wash my face mask?

Masks should be washed in water that is at least 140 degrees Fahrenheint. Hand washing will provide the longest use but you may machine wash (in a pillowcase or garment bag) on the delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry. Do not dry your mask in a dryer. It is recommended to wash with each wear. We suggest having at least two masks - one to wash and one to wear.



Can I re-use my filter?

Filters are designed for a single use. Some customers do use them more than once with cloth masks because the exterior layer covers the outside. But for maximum effectiveness, you should insert a new filter with each wear. If re-using a filter, it should be removed from the mask before washing with freshly cleaned hands. Masks should not be washed with the filter inside. 



What if the size of my fitted mask feels wrong?

Thanks to the adjustable straps, our antiviral mask will fit all head sizes comfortably. If your mask feels a bit too snug or too tight against your face, we recommend adjusting the ear straps for a more comfortable fit. To adjust the straps, simply pull or loosen the straps on either side. The mask should be secure against your face, but not overly tight as it is meant to act as a barrier for filtering out airborne particles. To keep the mask cool and comfortable, the bottom of  our fitted mask should sit just below the chin but should not extend underneath the chin. The mask will have a bit of structure around the nose and mouth. When worn correctly, it will not sit flat against the nose and mouth but will be fitted around the edges. See our video here to learn how to best position and wear your Cardani mask.


If your mask feels too small after adjusting the ear tabs and positioning the mask correctly, it may be because you aren’t used to wearing a fitted mask. There are two types of medical masks - fitted and accordion style. A fitted mask (similar in style to an N95 mask) will fit differently than an accordion style (which will fit like a surgical mask). No matter which type of mask you select, any effective face covering mask may take some getting used to; it's common to feel that a mask is too small if you are not accustomed to wearing a face mask. Learning to breathe in a mask takes a little time and adjustment. Just like wearing a diving mask, wearing a fitted mask takes some getting used to.


Some individuals prefer a looser fit for their masks or prefer for their face mask to extend underneath their chins. In this case, we recommend selecting our accordion style masks rather than our fitted masks.




Should I select organic cotton or bamboo viscose fabric?

All masks have three layers of fabric built into the mask. All have a water-resistant polyester layer and adjustable ear straps. The difference between fabrics is that the exterior and interior fabric  layer can be made from different materials. Both the cotton and bamboo viscose fabrics are organic. Both are ultra soft and comfortable. Both cloths are designed to feel smooth against the wearer's face and both fabrics are soft and breathable. Some customers find the bamboo masks slightly softer to the touch while others find the cotton masks slightly more breathable. However, any difference is going to be small because they are both designed to be comfortable and functional. When wearing the cloth masks, only the bamboo or cotton fabrics make contact with your face. The water resistant inner layer of material is hidden within the inner pocket. All fitted masks come with an inner pocket if you wish to add an additional filter. Please note that our accordion style masks do not have an ithe inner pocket for a filter. However, they still offer the same 3 layers of protection built into the mask.



What is the difference between fitted masks and accordion masks?

Our fitted masks contour to the face to create a seal. The fit is similar to an N95 medical mask.They may or may not wrap around the chin, depending on the size of your face. They are designed to rest along the jawline to sufficiently cover the nose and mouth. All of our fitted masks do have an interior pocket to insert a filter. They do not  have flexible plastic or wire at the bridge of the nose. These masks do not contain a nose piece because our testing determined that this mask actually fits more securely around the nose without it. To secure a tight fit, simply pull on the adjustable straps. The omission of a nose wire greatly contributes to the washability and the longevity of your mask. With any cloth mask, the wire will eventually come through the fabric after extended wear and washing. Fitted masks are available in 5 sizes for men, women, and children. Individuals who find overheating a problem often prefer our fitted masks. The fit makes them cooler to wear.

Our accordion face masks are made in a pleated design similar to a surgical mask. The mask "unfolds" over the face, covering the mouth, nose, and chin.  This style is ideal for those who prefer more face coverage. Our accordion style masks do not have interior pockets for filters. They do have flexible plastic at the bridge of the nose that can be molded to the face.

Both fitted and accordion style masks feature three layers, including a water resistant interior layer. Additionally, they all  have adjustable ear straps and are made from soft, breathable material that is gentle on the face. Both styles are washable and reusable.



What is the water resistant layer inside of the mask?

Our masks are comprised of 3 layers: The exterior fabric, the inner water resistant poly layer and the lining material (which touches your face). The water resistant layer never touches the face and is super breathable. It repels liquid droplets, making our masks proprietary and unique to any others. 



How do I learn more about antiviral face masks? Which medical face masks are the most effective?

To learn more about face masks, this blog article will cover everything you need to know.



Is it hard to breathe in a medical mask?

All surgical face masks take some getting used to. Our cloth face masks are designed to be less hot than a standard surgical mask or an N95 medical mask so they will be more comfortable. They are also softer to the touch and more fitting to the face. However, face masks do cover your nose and your mouth and may take a bit of adjustment for some people. Like a snorkel or diving mask, you may feel a bit of anxiety or discomfort at first but this will dissipate over time.



Can I return my face mask or bandana?

Due to the specific use and risk of contamination, all mask and bandana sales are final.



Can I cancel my face mask order?

All face masks are final sale. Once your order is sent to the warehouse, it is literally impossible for us to track it down. Therefore, we are unable to make changes or cancellations to a face covering order after it is submitted.


Can I make my own DIY face mask?

We have created several useful DIY videos on how to make your own face mask from a bandana, a scarf and even an old t-shirt. You can find this information in this article which covers the best types of face masks.



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