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Slouchy Snood Hat in Burgundy Wine | 100% Cotton Slouchy Beanie Hat

Slouchy Snood Hat in | 100% Cotton Slouchy Beanie Hats for Women | Burgundy Wine

Retail $30.00 Our Price $19.99

This essential beanie is anything but ordinary. Whether you're cuddling up with on the couch with a good book or sipping espresso at a cafe in Paris, the Slouchy Snood is the perfect pick. With textured pleats and a relaxed, roomy top, this cap expertly adds fullness and body to the head to provide a flattering look for those with hair loss from chemo, alopecia, or other reasons. The gentle, minimal seams and 100% cotton feel soft and comfortable, while the excellent, full head coverage fit ensures you can go about your day without worrying about your cap slipping or showing your scalp. Designed by Danielle Yates in Houston, TX, this patented style is truly unlike any other. The care that went into creating this hat shows in the fit, feel, look, and craftsmanship of the design. We'll take one in every color, please!

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  • Designed in USA
  • Made from super soft 100% cotton.
  • Gentle, minimal seams that don't scratch the head.
  • Accordion detailing and slouchy back provide flattering fullness.
  • Great for those with and without hair, including those with hair loss from chemo, alopecia, or other reasons; those who want to cover their hair for religious reasons; and, of course, fashionistas.
  • Provides full head coverage.
  • One size fits most.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
One size fits most. Our soft 100% cotton fabric will stretch to accommodate petite to large head sizes. Those with petite head sizes may find this cap to fit more loosely than most.
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