Elta Skin Care Products - 2.8 oz. Tube

Elta Skin Care Products - 2.8 oz. Tube |

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This cream is wonderful for any cancer patient undergoing radiation treatments, which may cause dry skin and burning.

Elta Creme melts on skin contact, penetrating to provide superior long term moisturizing power. Non-comedogenic and sensitivity free. Heals symptoms of dry, irritated, and inflexible skin, including:

  • Diabetic and renal dry skin problems
  • Cracked hands and feet
  • Chapped skin
  • Burns (a leading product in hospital burn centers).
  • Radiation, contact and atopic dermatitis. Contains no preservatives or fragrances. Bacteriostatic and sensitivity-free.

Key Ingredients of Elta Creme:

  • Parafin: Leaves a dry smooth surface on the skin. Helps protect skin against abrasion.
  • Petrolatum: Smoothes and helps protect.
  • Mineral Oil: Provides greatest penetration. Holds moisture in lower levels of epidermis.
  • PVP Eicosens Co-polymer: Allows the skin to breathe, traps larger water molecules on the skin.

Use daily on any skin area (including face and around eyes) requiring the highest level of concentrated moisturizing power and protection.

2.8 oz. tube

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