False Eyelashes #102: Varied Volume Eyelash - Medium Length

Cardani False Eyelashes #102: Varied Volume Eyelash - Medium Length

This is a truly natural looking false eyelash that features alternating thicknesses, like real eyelashes.  The invisible lash line makes this artificial eyelash truly seamless. The understated alternating volume and variable lengths give a natural tapered effect.  

The slightly uneven distribution of eyelash hairs acentuate the eyes beautifully. 

Measuring 13 mm, this eyelash is an excellent choice for those who want a natural looking eyelash with a bit of length.

Style #102 is the medium length option in our "Varied Volume" eyelash line.  Try Eyelash #101 for a more dramatic length.

These premium eyelashes are a exclusive. They come packaged as a pair in a convenient plastic storage tray to store your lashes when not in use.


Try our specially formulated Secure Hold Eyelash and Eyebrow Adhesive to secure your false strip eyelashes. Try our Eyelash Adhesive Remover to easily remove glue from your eyelashes for re-use. All items are sold individually.

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