Cardani False Eyelashes #118

Cardani False Eyelashes #118 - Lower Interval Eyelash for Bottom Lashes - Short

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Now you can have beautiful eyelashes on both the top AND bottom of the eye.  Our short interval eyelash is the perfect choice for your lower eyelash.  The understated length provides a natural look.

These bottom feature a nearly invisible lash line and a realistic natural length.  Tapered ends are designed to match the curve of the eye.

Length: 3-8 mm.  This eyelash features 11 clusters of lashes, with approximately 6 individual hairs in each cluster.  For a slightly longer version of this eyelash, try Eyelash #104.  This eyelash can also be worn on the top eyelid to add volume without adding unnecessary length.

Try our specially formulated Secure Hold Eyelash and Eyebrow Adhesive to secure your false strip eyelashes. Try our Eyelash Adhesive Remover to easily remove glue from your eyelashes for re-use. All items are sold individually.

Made by Cardani. Ships from Houston, TX.

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