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How Can I Prepare For Cancer Related Hair Loss?

Being prepared will empower you and help reduce the stress of hair loss. Many patients cut their hair shorter to gradually ease into their hair loss. Some find that by shaving their head either before their hair loss happens, or when it starts to come out helps them to gain a sense of control over the situation. This also eliminates the trauma of hair falling out over a period of days. Most patients find that they gain peace of mind by being prepared and proactively shopping for headwear and wigs before their hair loss happens. Our complete Preparation Guide for Cancer Related Hair Loss provides many more helpful tips to arm you with the information you need to be ready.

When Will My Hair Fall Out After Chemotherapy?

Drugs used during chemotherapy treat cancer by attacking the cancer causing cells in a patient's body. Unfortunately, these drugs can also attack hair growth cells as well. Whether or not you experience hair loss during chemotherapy depends on the type of treatment, medication, and dosage you receive. Most chemotherapy patients report losing their hair approximately 2-4 weeks after starting treatment. Hair may come out in clumps or in single strands, all at once or gradually. You may notice loose hair on your pillow, in your hair brush or shower drain. Our guide on Chemo and Hair Loss will let you know what you can expect and how you can be prepared emotionally as you begin treatments.

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

People most frequently experience hair loss due to medical conditions that are either hereditary or caused by certain drugs such as chemotherapy. Some individuals experience hair loss or thinning hair as a part of the normal aging process. Conditions such as alopecia, lupus and other autoimmune conditions can all cause hair loss. So can vitamin deficiencies and stress. Hair loss is not limited to the hair on an individual's head. It can occur anywhere that hair grows, including eyebrows, eyelashes, and other facial or body hair. Visit our complete Guide for All The Reasons Your Hair May Fall Out.

When Will My Hair Come Back After Chemo?

It takes about 2-3 weeks after the end of treatments to start noticing "peach fuzz" on your head. It has a "baby hair" like consistency. Real hair should start to grow after about a month. This can vary from person to person. Hair may come back looking a little bit different than it did before your hair loss - it may be a different color, curlier, or a different texture. For more information, read our Guide on What To Expect As Your Hair Grows Back.

Where Can I Sell Or Donate My Hair?

This Guide On Donating Your Hair will give you all of the details, including length and type of hair required and where to donate your hair.

How Do You Tie a Head Scarf?

Our detailed Guide on How To Tie a Head Scarf will take you through step-by-step. Head scarves are an elegant, feminine option and a lot easier than you might think!

What Is Alopecia?

Alopecia is an autoimmune condition in which the individual's immune system sends signals to white blood cells that cause them to attack healthy hair follicles. This causes them to shrink which results in hair loss. The hair loss can occur anywhere on the body but it most often occurs on the scalp. Hair loss can be full or partial. To learn more about alopecia, see our guide on What Is Alopecia?

How Do I Buy a Wig?

Our vast Wig Library provides all of the resources and information you need to know before you buy a wig. Whether you purchase your wig from us or elsewhere, you will want to read through this information and educate yourself prior to your purchase. Our Wig Buying Guide is a great place to begin. Our Wig Frequently Asked Questions page will answer most of the questions you might have (and others you have not thought of yet).  Our guide to Selecting the Best Wigs Online provides helpful shopping tips if you are considering buying a wig online. Learn how to Wash and Care for Your Synthetic Wig or read about Human Hair Wig Care. Discover the pros and cons of Human Hair vs Synthetic Wigs. Learn about Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair and if they might work for you. Find out How to Select a Wig Color or Wig Style, the Types of Wigs and so much more! 

How Do I Buy a Hat?

Our Headwear Library is the first place to start as you are beginning your journey into the world of headwear. Our Hat Buying Guide and our Hat Wearing Guide provide helpful tips on what to look for in a hat, considerations you may not have thought of, selecting appropriate colors, buying the correct size, choosing a flattering style and much more. You will also learn about the Different Types of Hats and How to Care for Your Hats. We also offer a helpful guide on Selecting the Best Colors for your features which is especially important for headwear since it is worn so close to the face.

Do You Have Any Tips For Those On A Budget?

We do! Hair loss doesn't have to break the bank. Our helpful article on How To Save Money During Hair Loss offers several helpful ideas that will help you stretch your dollars during hair loss. You will also learn what is actually necessary and what is optional.

Why Does Chemotherapy Cause Hair Loss?

Drugs used to treat cancer are designed to stop the growth of rapidly growing cells, such as cancer cells. Unfortunately, chemotherapy drugs cannot always tell the difference between healthy cells that grow rapidly and unhealthy cells. Our hair follicles are amongst the fastest growing cells in the human body. For this reason, the drugs used to attack cancer cells can also significantly impact those that cause hair growth, resulting in hair loss. To learn more, visit our guide on "Why Does Chemo Cause Hair Loss?"


How Do I Take Care of My Bald Scalp? 

It is very important to protect your skin during treatments. Your scalp will be especially sensitive to burning without the protection your hair provides. Apply a high quality full spectrum sunscreen before exposing your scalp to the sun. Your skin can become dry during treatments. Wash your scalp using a gentle shampoo, such as Alra Shampoo. As your hair begins to come back in, it may be brittle or dry. You will want to continue using the gentle shampoo in order to keep the hair nourished and encourage continued growth as your hair comes back in.

What Is Your Story?

Headcovers Unlimited was founded by Carol Galland, a breast cancer patient and her daughter, Danielle. In 1990, when Carol was wheeled out of breast cancer surgery, her doctor had left the surgical cap on her head because she was bald from chemotherapy treatments. She woke up feeling incredibly embarrassed and humiliated. She wished in that moment that she had a pretty sleep cap to wear that would not only cover her head but would make her feel pretty and normal. When she recovered from surgery, she began her search for that sleep cap but was surprised to discover that the product didn't exist. In that moment, she vowed that if she survived, she would create the products that she had wanted for herself (but was unable to find) during her own treatments. She didn't want another woman to experience the same humiliation that she went through. This was almost 30 years ago.

We are proud to say that Headcovers Unlimited has pioneered the way for attractive, comfortable headwear for women losing their hair. We were the first online company of our kind and have been the leader in women's hair loss products for almost 25 years. To learn more about us, read Our Story Here

Where Are You Located?

We are located in the USA - in the greater Houston, Texas area. Our stylists and customer service assistants are all on location here in Houston. If you call us, you will reach a real person, probably born and raised in Texas! Our products are all designed in Houston, Texas.

Do You Have a Storefront? 

Headcovers offers online and catalog shopping via internet, phone or mail only. Our stylists are happy to help walk you through the shopping process and assist you with your selection via phone, email or chat. If you are unsure of your selection - no worries. We offer full 30 day refunds or easy exchanges within 90 days of purchase. This allows you to try on your items in the comfort and privacy of your own home. For assistance, you can reach us at 1-800-264-4287. We have a convenient chat and email link at the bottom of the page if you prefer. 

Do You Offer Printed Catalogs?

We are currently out of stock in our catalogs. However, we will be receiving more copies in the near future. If you'd like to contact us, we would be happy to put you on our list for future editions.

Where Can I Buy Your Products?

Because we personally design and manufacture our Headcovers Unlimited and Cardani brand products you cannot buy them elsewhere. We do not have physical stores. The only place to shop our vast selection of products is on our website or through our catalog. If you find our products online elsewhere (other than directly from us), they are not authorized sellers and the products will be knockoffs.

Do You Sell Wholesale to Retailers?

We do offer our products to a limited number of hospitals and a select boutiques. There are minimum purchase requirements and other criteria that must be met in order to become an authorized retailer of Headcovers Unlimited products. To learn more, visit our Retailer Page.

What Is Your Return Policy?

Headwear, clothing and Cardani hairpieces can be returned for a full refund within 30 days or an easy exchange within 90 days of purchase. Most other wig brands are allowed one free exchange but the manufacturer often specifies tighter timeframes. Most cosmetic items are not returnable due to sanitary reasons and the risk of tampering. Please read our complete customer friendly Return Policy here.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Many retailers mark up their products in order to be able to offer their merchandise at "deep discounts." It's a psychological game. Our philosophy is that we shouldn't have to mark down our products to give our customers a fair price. Our everyday prices are already offered at what others' sale prices would be. In other words, our everyday price is already the sale price. We do have some incredible buys in our sale section!  All this being said, we do occasionally offer our products at moderate discounts via email promotions. In order to participate in these special promotions, you should sign up for our mailing list. To do so, simply sign up at the link on the bottom of our website. 

Do You Offer Free Shipping?

We do offer free shipping in the lower 48 states (USA only) for orders over $75. Some restrictions apply. To receive the discount, enter HCU75 in the promo field at checkout. 

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