Tips for Accessorizing Your Headwear

Picking out hats can be overwhelming, especially on a tight budget. You might think you have to break the bank buying enough hats to match your outfits and suit your style. Luckily, this is not the case; with the help of accessories, you can turn one hat into hundreds. 

hat accessories for headwear

Our Three Seam Turban is an excellent choice for accessorizing. It is shown here with our Rosette Scarf Twist.

Choosing a hat to accessorize: 

There are several things one should consider when choosing a hat to accessorize: 

Choose a hat that is simple and casual to maximize accessorizing options. 
Try to select a hat in a neutral color, or a color that matches many of your outfits. You can add a punch of color with various accessories.

Choose a soft and breathable fabric suitable for daily use.

We recommend our Cozy Caps, our Three Seam Turbans, our Cotton Versatility Hat and our Denim Bucket Hat for starters. These are basic neutrals that can achieve many different looks.

How to Accessorize: 
When it comes to accessorizing, the possibilities are endless! Here are some suggestions: 

Placing an elastic headband around the brim of your hat can completely change its effect. For example, a beaded headband can turn your casual cozy cap into a chic statement piece. A wide variety of headbands are available to suit every style, from hippy to Hepburn. Headbands can be purchased at many retailers, including headcovers, or if you're crafty you can make your own. 

Pendants, Flower Pins and Broaches
Clipping a pendant to your hat can add heaps of visual appeal. Headcovers sells various beautiful floral pins to decorate your hat. If you're festive, you can purchase or make pendants that suit the season, such as snowflakes or pumpkins.

Tie a headscarf at the base of the cap to add a pop of character. Our rectangular accessory scarf and our mini scarf are ideal for achieving many beautiful looks. With three mini scarves, you can create a braid. With two mini scarves, you can create a twist. For more variety, tie the scarf in a bow or a rosette. 
Using accessories opens a world of possibilities to help you feel beautiful! 

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