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Our collection of hats provides endless options for cancer patients and women with hair loss. All of our hats for cancer patients are designed to provide full head coverage, eliminating the need for additional liners or headbands to conceal the hair line. Although our hats were created for women who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer, or other conditions, anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship and current styles will find our hats an ideal fit. Discover our hats for cancer patients today!
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Hats for Hair Loss from Headcovers 

Hats are known for their ability to instantly fix a bad day. Fine - a bad hair day. If you’re experiencing hair loss due to cancer, alopecia or other illnesses, chances are that, lately, you’ve had more bad hair days than good. That’s where Headcovers comes in. Our cancer headwear was specifically designed with hair loss in mind to provide you with an excellent fit and stylish finish. Whether you’re looking for a permanent alternative to a typical wig, or just searching for a low-maintenance, occasional substitute, having a good hat - or three - can completely transform your hair loss experience.



What Makes Our Cancer Hats Special 

You’ll notice that most of the hats we have for sale fit rather close to the head. That’s because we know that hats for cancer patients need to account for receding or absent hairlines. Our hats are designed to offer complete head coverage while staying secure and in place. No longer will you have to worry about constantly readjusting your cap.

Comfort is also a top priority when it comes to hats for cancer patients. A soft hat made of natural fibers can be a godsend in the midst of any pain your illness may be causing. Nowhere on our site will you find a cancer hat that’s scratchy or cheap. Cotton, bamboo or silk, chiffon & satin make wonderful chemo head covers for sensitive scalps.




Which Style of Chemo Hat Should You Choose?

Just like other finishing pieces such as jackets or scarves, certain styles and colors of cancer caps will be more versatile in your wardrobe than others. Obviously, neutrals like black or grey will match most anything, and are a great place to start if you’re looking for an everyday cancer hat.

When it comes to versatility, our Serendipity Hat is a great place to start. This simple beanie with clean lines can easily be dressed up or down. It’s made of a delicious blend of cotton and rayon that will feel silky smooth against your scalp. Also, don’t dispel sparkles from your list of easy-to-pull-off styles. In black or white, our Sparkle Slouchy Cap looks just as natural with jeans and a T-shirt as it does with stockings and a skirt.

Our Flapper Turban, designed by our very own Danielle Yates, is a fabulous finisher for occasions that require a little something special. To catch a game on the green, check out our Softie Baseball Cap. And when the seasons change, we’ve got you covered with thick, chunky knits - just don’t forget the mug of hot cocoa. 

Since our hats for cancer patients are at such an affordable price point, don’t be afraid to buy a few. Think of them like any other accessory - some days you wear the big gold chain, and others, a simple pair of studs will do.



Chemo Headwear for Sun Protection

For cancer patients who are undergoing chemo treatments, it is especially vital to protect your skin from the sun. Some chemotherapy drugs increase sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, causing you to burn much quicker than you normally would. Chemo treatments can also reduce the skin's natural ability to heal. For this reason, women with cancer are advised to protect themselves when going outdoors. 

To shield your face, scalp and neck, we recommend our full coverage sun hats and visors. Our visors are also ideal when worn over a scarf to protect yourself from the elements. We even offer our very own cancer hats crafted from soft UPF sun protection fabrics. These stylish, functional headcovers are a year-round favorite.



What Size Cancer Cap Should I Buy?

Most of our hats for cancer patients are one size fits most, because they’ve got stretch that can accommodate larger or more petite heads. But if you think your head is bigger or smaller than most, give us a call at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS). We carry certain styles in multiple sizes and can guide you towards a good match.

We also carry Hat Sizing Tape that you can attach to the inside of cancer hat with a more solid frame, to make it smaller if necessary (we have one that wicks sweat away, too). For an extra snug fit, consider layering your chemo caps over the Bamboo Padded Headband, which adds a pleasing visual fullness to boot.  



Sleep Headgear for Cancer Patients

Sleeping on a sore scalp is an undeniably uncomfortable sensation. Our sleep hats for chemo patients create a barrier between your skin and the bed to help you achieve a soothing, seam-free night of ZZZs.  

For women, we love the Aloe Vera Sleeping Cap, which is naturally antibacterial and cooling. One customer called it, “the most comfortable night cover I have!” Also check out the more feminine Lace Night Cap for Sleeping, and the beloved Eleanor Sleeping Cap.   

Of course, we can’t forget about the men. Our 100% Cotton Mens Night Cap is soft, practical, and warm - without being too hot. Headcoverings for cancer patients don’t need to appear boring or sterile. The Mens Relaxed Beanie is a cool chemo cap that can be worn during the day or night, transitioning your comfort from the street to a restful sleep.



Hair to Wear with Your Cancer Hat

Sometimes a bit of fringe is all you need to achieve an anti-cancer look. Our hair for hats can be organized into three main categories:   

Bangs. Frame your look by attaching bangs to the inside rim of your favorite cancer headwear - no sewing machine required. Our Ultimate Fringe Add a Bang is attachable via Velcro, so you can stick ‘em on as you please (we carry an extra wide version, too). Life hack: attach your bangs to the Instant Hair Headband for seamless transition between caps.

Halo Hair. If you want the appearance of a full head of hair but don’t want the extra wig weight, try our halo hair. It’s basically hair that’s attached to a gentle elastic strip. Just slip it on over your head and top with your favorite cancer hats for endless combinations.

Ponytail Headband. Designed specifically to be worn with ball caps, this innovative product is exactly how it sounds - a ponytail attached to a headband. It’s lightweight, perfect for everyday use, and great to wear while for exercising.



Cancer Caps with Hair Already Attached

If you can’t swallow the thought of wearing a baseball cap atop a bare head, we’ve got a solution. Our baseball caps with hair come with hair already attached and ready to go. These hats for cancer patients are perfect for running errands or catching a game, because they give you the feeling of normalcy without any extra hassle. We’ve got them in long, medium, and short lengths according to your personal preference. The Cardani Classic Bob Baseball Hat with Hair even comes in 26 colors, so you’re sure to find a perfect match. 


Personalize Your Chemo Headwear with Accessories

Accessories can help spruce up your collection of headcoverings and transition each piece from season to season. Add a warming Braided Cuff Headband for extra heat in winter, and switch it out for the blooming Sassy Band or Sunflower Pin during summer -although, we encourage floral accessories any time of year because sometimes the winter is when you need them most! 

And don’t forget, you can tie any scarf around the crown of your chemo caps to add a bit of feminine flair. The next day, ditch the hat and give the scarf a solo run. The mix-and-match possibilities provide a match for every outfit.



How to Choose Flattering Headcovers for Cancer Patients 

Stylish cancer caps are not the stuff of legend. However, a little geometry goes a long way in finding a silhouette that will enhance your features. For tips and tricks on finding the best look for you, see our Hat Buying Guide for Cancer Patients. If that’s not enough (or you just want more!), connect with one of our personal stylists at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS).