Baseball caps for women are the ideal choice for days when you want a cute, casual look. Perfect for bad hair days (or no hair days), our fashion baseball caps are carefully curated for comfort and fit. For chemo patients, add a bandana or our unique ponytail headband to conceal your hairline. There’s no way to go wrong with this laid-back, classic style.

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Women’s Baseball Caps from Headcovers

There’s nothing quite like a cute baseball cap when it comes to low-maintenance, bad hair day salvation. If you’re facing the stress of no hair days, rest assured that our baseball caps were designed specifically for your sensitive scalp and full coverage needs. We’ve got distressed baseball caps, vintage baseball caps, and bedazzled baseball caps to match any on-the-go look, from game day attire to lazy saturday sweats.


Baseball Hats with Hair from Headcovers

Our baseball hats with hair encompass an entirely styled look in just one piece. Convenient and unique, they’re definitely unlike any Nike baseball caps you’ve ever seen. Synthetic hair is permanently attached to the fashion baseball cap so all you have to do is throw it on and go. We’ve got options for both long and short hair, in a wide array of shades so that you can choose a baseball hat with hair to match your natural shade. Customers love this product because it provides shady brim protection without the heat or hassle of an entire wig. If you’d rather have a hat with detachable hair, check out the Cardani Classic Bob Baseball Hat, which gives you the best of both worlds with hair that attaches to the cap with Velcro.


Ponytail Headband from Cardani

The Ponytail Headband has a special place in our hearts because it was the last piece designed by our founder, Carol Galland. A cancer patient herself, Carol understood the necessity of feeling and looking fabulous, even in the midst of illness. The ponytail headband encapsulates her legacy, fusing easy glamour with thoughtful design. 

Moisture-wicking black fabric provides the base headband layer. Hair is attached with hook and loop fasteners - side fringe frames the face and a ponytail falls gracefully from the back. This product looks lovely under women’s baseball caps, with the ponytail laced through the back opening. Cool, comfortable, and customizable, pair the ponytail with any baseball cap that your heart desires. You’ll love putting together looks with this versatile product.


Our Favorite Fashion Baseball Caps

From plain baseball caps to tricked-out newsboy hats, our assortment of cool baseball caps covers the full style spectrum. If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill Adidas baseball cap, look elsewhere! Ours were designed with hair loss and comfort in mind, taking plain old sport caps to the next level.

Customers love our Cardani Bamboo Slouchy Newsboy Hat for the lightweight volume it provides, complete with a strip of elastic at the back for custom sizing. It’s easy to wear, matches every outfit, and provides full scalp coverage without being restrictive. If you’re style is more shabby chic, the 3D Distressed Baseball Cap is what you need. A mini bouquet of flowers is attached to the 100% cotton denim crown, which has the worn appearance of a well-loved cap. For sporty protection even in fall and winter, the Stephanie Cap will carry you through the chilly fall and winter months. Finally, for a cute, boho flair, check out our soft and cozy Denim Eyelet Tenley Baseball Cap. Bonus - this hat comes in ultra petite sizes for kids.

If all that seems a little fussy to you, don’t worry - we’ve got plain baseball caps, too, like this Bamboo Classic version from Cardani that comes in over 15 colors. Another good choice is the Stonewash Baseball Hat For Women, with an extra-soft wash for perfectly broken-in wearability.



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