The fedora hat is a style that is reminiscent of the 1920's gangster style. We've brought a fashionable touch to the style by adding feminine touches to the more masculine shape. Our fedoras for women offer full and complete head coverage for women with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other forms of hair loss. However, anyone who appreciates fashion can wear our fedoras.
  1. Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat
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    Tatum Triple Braid Sun Hat
    Retail $55.00 Our Price $34.99
  2. Eva Cloche Hat |
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    Eva Cloche Hat |
    Retail $36.99 Our Price $19.99
  3. Basic Bucket Brim Hat
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    Basic Bucket Brim Hat
    Retail $35.00 Our Price $19.99
  4. Knotted Cloche Kassie Hat
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    Knotted Cloche Kassie Hat
    Retail $50.00 Our Price $32.99
  5. Cara Colorblock Sun Hat
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    Cara Colorblock Sun Hat
    Retail $33.00 Our Price $19.99
  6. Samantha Shimmer Sun Hat
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    Samantha Shimmer Sun Hat
    Retail $39.99 Our Price $24.99
  7. Braided Brittany Sun Hat |
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    Braided Brittany Sun Hat |
    Retail $39.99 Our Price $25.99
  8. Jazzy Hat for Women
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    Jazzy Hat for Women
    Retail $30.00 Our Price $22.99
  9. Mariah Bucket Hat
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    Mariah Bucket Hat
    Retail $40.00 Our Price $25.99

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