How to Make a Chemo Care Package


When a friend or family member is diagnosed with cancer, many people often want to do everything they can to help their loved one through this difficult time. Making a care package filled with items designed to help pass the time during chemo treatments, ease chemo side effects and cope with hair loss can be a nice way to show that you care.


A chemo care package doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Just gathering a few meaningful or useful items and gifting them to your loved one during their cancer battle can help brighten their day.


Fill your care package with as many or as few items as you feel appropriate for your loved one. Here are several basic items that we feel can be an essential part of any chemo care package:


Basic Beanie or Turban: Many chemotherapy patients will experience hair loss because of the harsh drugs used during treatment. A beanie or turban are great “go to” head coverings. These can be thrown on in a snap, kept in the car, purse or even pocket for quick trips.


Our most basic coverings come in so many colors. They can be dressed up or down with accessories as well. Try including our Three Seam Turban, Cozy Cap or Bamboo Comfort Cap in your chemo care package to help start or add to your loved one's headcovering collection. These comfortable choices can also be used as sleep caps to keep the head nice and warm throughout the night.


Woodblock Scarf and Tote Set: Our Woodblock Scarf and Tote set is one of our top must haves! The matching patterns are bright and fun and the functionality can't be beat. While going through treatments, there are so many items to keep up with. Fill this tote full of everything for your care package and it can be used to hold anything and everything needed for treatments.


Our tote features three quilted inside pockets and a separate zipper pocket for secure storage. Our woodblock scarf is non-slip and stays securely tied in place, making it the perfect headcover for long chemotherapy sessions for patients with hair loss.


Pill Box: Chemotherapy patients often have to keep up with many medications that they take on a daily basis. Having something to help organize their medications can simplify their daily routine. Our Decorative Pill Box is a great gift to include in a chemo care package because it features eight individual compartments to keep pills organized and features an inspirational quote on the outside of the vintage style fabric case. Our Mirrored Pill Box is another great option for a chemo care package. These small cases are perfect for individual pills and feature a mirrored interior to serve a dual purpose.


Lip Balm: Many cancer patients experience dry, cracked, or chapped lips while going through treatments. Our Aloe Lip Care Lip Treatment, and Vitamin C and Vitamin E Lip Treatment For Cancer and Chemo Patients are great products to include in any chemo care package. They help to keep lips hydrated, easing the pain that can often be created by chapped lips.


Puzzle Book or Word Search: Sometimes, chemotherapy sessions and various appointments can run long and leave a patient with a lot of down time. Puzzle books and word searches are a fun and easy way to pass the time. Including our Posh Easy Crossword or Pocket Posh Sudoku in a chemo care package for your loved one can provide much needed entertainment during chemotherapy.


Journal: The journey through cancer treatment can be a long, hard road to travel. Having a place to write down frustrations, record triumphs and victories, document the good days and the bad, and even keep lists of appointments and medications, can be a great tool for anyone going through chemotherapy treatments. Providing your loved one with a journal in their chemo care package can be an easy and thoughtful way to show that you care about them and support their journey.


Ginger Chews for Nausea: Chemotherapy treatments can often bring on debilitating nausea. Include a package of our Ginger Chews in your chemo care package to help ease and soothe the stomach.They are gluten free and made with real ginger. Made with no additives or preservatives, these chews are a natural way to ease nausea.


Some additional items to consider including in your care package are:


Personal care items such as tissues, hand sanitizer or cotton swabs are easy and inexpensive to include in a chemo care package. These basic items are useful for many cancer patients and can be a very thoughtful touch to add to your chemo care package.


Organizational items like a planner or calendar can be used by cancer patients to keep track of doctor's appointments, treatment dates, medications, etc.


Consider providing the gift of entertainment to your loved one by signing them up for a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, gifting an iTunes gift card or a magazine subscription. This can help them pass the time and help get their mind off of their diagnosis and treatment.


Hospitals can get very chilly and often feel very sterile. If appropriate, including a warm blanket, cozy sweater or beautiful pillow case to your chemo care package can be a wonderful way to provide comfort to your loved one.



Themes for Chemo Care Packages:


A great way to start making a chemo care package is to choose a theme. You can theme a care package according to the type of cancer someone is experiencing, their personal interests, a specific type of care or comfort and so many other ways! Here are a few themes we love and some ideas of products that we carry to get you started:


Breast Cancer Awareness Theme: This care package theme is ideal for women fighting breast cancer. Fill it with breast cancer awareness jewelry, inspiring books about breast cancer and breast cancer awareness themed headwear.

Fight Like a Woman Autographable Boxing Gloves

Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

I CAN Survive Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt

Cancer Awareness Tack Pin in Pink Ribbon

Sterling Silver Faith and Hope Earrings for Breast Cancer

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Keychain

Celebrate Life Pink Ribbon Suede Necklace

“The Silver Lining” Book for Breast Cancer Patients

100% Cotton Knit Headwrap with Pink Ribbon Butterfly


Comforting Care/Pampering Theme: Add items to this type of care package that will work to comfort your loved one and help them feel well taken care of. Add headwear made with soft and supple fabrics, as well as personal care and hygiene items tailored to help cancer patients skin and lips feel more comfortable during treatments. Adding makeup and jewelry to this type of cancer care package can help your loved one feel beautiful, even on days when they aren't feeling their best.

Cardani Bamboo Cuddle Cloche

Aloe Lip Care Treatment

Alra Non Metallic Deodorant

Plush Slipper Socks

Alra Therapy Lotion for Dry Skin

Alra Mild Conditioning Shampoo for Sensitive Scalps

100% Pure Silk Headscarf

Nourish My Eyes

Sterling Silver Multi Teardrop Hypoallergenic Dangle Earrings

Indelible Lips- The Ultimate Lipstick by Cardani

Cardani Indelible Mascara


Religious Theme: Many cancer patients cling to their faith to help get them through trying times like treatments and surgeries. Gifting a care package filled with reminders of their faith and religious beliefs can be a huge source of inspiration for your loved ones.

Clinging Cross for Cancer Patients

Serenity Prayer Twist Bracelet

Seeds of Faith- Inspirational Messages for Cancer Patients

Three Angels Prayer Box

“The Healing Power of Faith” Book

“I Can Do All Things” Necklace

Chicken Soup for the Soul Cancer Book

Little Tin Prayer Box

Mustard Seed Stretch Faith Bracelet

Blessings Pocket Cross

Colors of Faith Keychain

Serenity Prayer Token

Serenity Prayer Cross Keychain


Holiday Theme: A chemo care package makes a great holiday gift for your friend or loved one. You can give holiday themed care packages a month or two before the holiday season begins to help your loved one prepare for the season and give them something to look forward to when they're feeling down.

Christmas Wish Message Angel

Little Christmas Angels Prayer Box and Charm

Little Christmas Gift Prayer Box

Christmas Holiday Head Scarf

Embellished Cozy Band

Elf Sleep Hat in Red or Green with Red

Joyous Noel Prayer Box

Any of our solid headwear in Red or Green- We love the Three Seam Turbans and Cozy Caps!

Floral Basketweave Hat and Scarf Set


Decorative Theme: Being surrounded by fun, beautiful things can help a cancer patient feel inspired and hopeful. They can use decorative items to brighten up their hospital room or as reminders around their home or office to find strength during the hard times. A care package with this theme is great for helping give your loved one with cancer a positive outlook.

Inspirational Car Charm

Inspirational Hanging Magnet

Inspirational Metal Keychain

Magnetic Post Cards

Novelty Travel Mugs

Cancer Awareness Ribbon Car Magnets

Lucky Little Turtle Charm

Brightest Vibrant Wooden Magnet

Inspirational Love Stones

Clip It Photo Frame

Novelty Door Hanger

Wooden Desktop Verses

Butterfly Measuring Spoons