Mens Cotton Outdoor Hat

Mens Cotton Outdoor Hat

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This lightweight, 100% cotton, fisherman's style hat is functional and durable. Vented holes and side snaps are adorned with rust proof fittings. A wide brim and UPF50+ woven into the fabric of this particular hat provides optimal sun protection from the sun's harmful rays. The interior of this hat gives it extra functionality by containing a pocket, perfect for fishing lures, pocket knives or the like!
Durable 100% cotton canvas gives this hat the ability to float! A drawstring chin strap allows this hat to be worn tightly affixed to your head, so that it won't blow away in windy conditions. Side snaps allow the 3 inch brim of this hat to be snapped up and away from the sides of the head.
Interior Measurements: S- 22.5", M- 22.5", L-23.5", XL-24"

Brim Width: Approximately 3 inches

This hat is recommended for:

  • Cancer and chemotherapy patients
  • Men with medical hair loss or alopecia
  • Men with or without hair
  • One size fits most
  • Cold weather wear
  • Indoor or outdoor wear
  • Skin protection during chemo treatments
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