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Padded Carol Scarf - Easy Tie Head Scarf

Item NumberSV-12568

Padded Carol Scarf - Easy Tie Head Scarf

Item NumberSV-12568

Available Colors (mouse over image to enlarge)

  •   Brown Floral
  •   scarf in Denim Floral
  •   scarf in Khaki Floral
  •   scarf in Cream Floral
  •   scarf in Floral Batik - Periwinkle
  •   scarf in Tie Dye - Vibrant Blue
  •   scarf in Tie Dye - Denim
  •   scarf in Floral Batik - Denim
  •   scarf in Stamped Batik - Black
  •   scarf in Stamped Batik - Rose
  •   scarf in Batik Basics - Black
  •   scarf in Avignon Floral - Alabaster
  •   scarf in Dandelion Floral-Black with White
  •   scarf in Stamped Lotus- Black on Taupe
  •   Stamped Lotus - Denim
  •   scarf in Venetian Vines-Black
  •   scarf in Caribbean Marble Tie Dye
  •   scarf in Stamped Paisley - Black/White
Retail: $18.99
Our Price: $15.99

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Retail: $18.99
Our Price: $15.99
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This easy to tie scarf is lightly padded around the face which adds fullness to the hairline, for a more flattering look. Named after our founder, this style was one of her favorites during her second battle with cancer, when she lost her hair once again to chemo treatments. When tied, this scarf provides full head coverage, perfect for any woman suffering from hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or any other medical hair loss condition. It's easy to tie form allows it to be used by chemo patients who might not feel up to intricately tying a flat scarf. The padding around the face provides a flattering look and the soft cotton material feels soothing on sensitive scalps. This one won't itch or scratch. We know you're going to love this look!
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To tie, simply place the padded area of the triangular shaped scarf at the top of the head.  Tie the two ends on each side of the head into a knot or bow around the back of the head and you are good to go!

This headcovering is easy, lightweight and extremely comfortable. Made with 100% cotton.

Our model wears the Padded Carol with the Sterling Silver Drop Pearl Earrings in the first picture.

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