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Do Your Eyelashes Fall Out During Chemo?

Chemotherapy drugs attack rapidly growing cancer cells in the body. Because these drugs cannot differentiate between cancer cells and other fast growing cells in the body, the hair cells that cause hair growth are often damaged or destroyed during treatment. This causes hair loss.


Depending on the type of chemotherapy drugs that you are receiving, you may experience varying degrees of hair loss. While some chemo treatments cause little to no hair loss, some chemotherapy drugs will cause total hair loss over the entire body. This can include eyelash hairs.


Just like the hair on your head, eyelashes can fall out during cancer treatment. Eyelashes are made from hair that grows out of the edge of the eyelid. This hair serves as protection for our eyes, working to keep debris out. Eyelashes are also revered as a sign of beauty, leading many women to wear makeup to enhance the look of their lashes.


What To Do When You're Losing Your Lashes


Don't panic! Losing your lashes as a side effect of chemotherapy is not out of the ordinary. However, there are considerations to make when you're experiencing eyelash hair loss.


You'll want to ask your doctor any and all questions that you have about the hair loss process. It is also important to let your doctor know if you experience any discomfort or irritation when your eyelashes are coming out. Don't apply any eye creams, makeup or false lashes without consulting your doctor first.


Don't pull your lashes out yourself and try to avoid rubbing your eyes. It is best to let your eyelashes fall out naturally to prevent irritating your eyelid. Be gentle when applying or removing makeup or false lashes. Many people also recommend avoiding eyelash curlers during this time, as they can pull on your lashes and cause more hair to come out than would naturally.


How Will It Feel To Lose Your Eyelashes?


While everyone is different, some women will experience irritation when their lashes fall out. It will not typically be a painful experience, but sometimes an itching sensation can occur. This feeling usually subsides once the lashes have fallen out.


If your eyelids still feel irritated or itchy after the hair has fallen out, talk to your doctor. Chemotherapy can cause the skin and eyes to become dehydrated and this can leave the skin around your eyes irritated. If needed, your doctor will be able to recommend treatment for this, including moistening eye drops or gentle skin creams. It is best to avoid makeup, lash glue and other products when experiencing any type of irritation to prevent an infection from forming.


When Will My Eyelashes Grow Back After Chemo?


The good news is that your eyelash hair loss is temporary. Eyelashes follow the same hair growth pattern as the hair on your head. They go through three stages: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. This cycle of growth, transitioning and resting phases causes eyelash hairs to fall out and re-grow while keeping some lashes in place at all times. The average healthy person will only lose 3-4 eyelashes per day, with new lashes growing in right behind them.


People experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy can lose their lashes at a much faster rate, but everyone is different. Typically, eyelash hairs will fall out after the hair on your head does. Some people report that their lashes only fell out at the very end of their treatment.


If you lose your lashes during treatment, they may take a bit longer to grow back in than the hair on your head. It typically takes approximately 6-8 weeks to re-grow lashes. They will probably grow in sparse and thin at first, gaining fullness over time.


Not everyone will experience total loss of their lashes during chemo treatment. Some people may just experience thinning of the lashes and not a total loss. In this case, you can expect lashes to slowly re-gain fullness once treatment has ended.


Beauty Solutions for Eyelash Loss


Many women have a desire to conceal their eyelash loss. Using makeup or false lashes to enhance the eyes despite eyelash loss can help increase confidence and help you feel more like yourself when going through chemotherapy treatments. As always, talk to your doctor before using any products on your eyes during chemo treatment.


False Eyelashes: False eyelashes are a favorite go-to solution for many women who have lost their eyelashes. While applying false lashes does have a bit of a learning curve, a bit of practice can have you rocking a brand new look in no time! Our false eyelashes are specifically designed for women with hair loss from chemotherapy to give you a natural look. We even offer lower lashes to give you a complete lash look on both the upper and lower eyelids.


You can use false lashes to experiment with a variety of looks from dramatic and bold, to soft and natural. If you are just experiencing thinning lashes, false eyelashes can help to give you a more voluminous look until your lashes fill back in. They're also great for special occasion wear even once your lashes have grown back. You can wear false eyelashes with or with mascara depending on the look that you are trying to achieve.


Cardani Secure Hold Adhesive is gentle enough to be used when you're experiencing eyelash loss and undergoing chemotherapy treatment. It is specifically formulated to prevent any existing lashes from being pulled out. Be sure to take great care in removing false lashes and glue to avoid irritation and keep any existing lashes from coming out.


Eyeliner and Eyeshadow: To give the illusion of fullness when your eyelashes are thinning, you can smudge eyeliner lightly between your existing lashes to enhance the line that the base of your lashes typically creates around your lashes. Avoid making harsh lines that can actually draw attention to a lack of lashes.


Try experimenting with different eyeshadow and liner combinations. Creating a soft, smoky eye can give you an expressive look. Blend dark grey or brown shadow onto the eyelids and long the lash line to give you a gorgeous look. You can also use a bit of concealer blended into eyeliner at the lash line to soften the liner while giving you a bit of definition and staying power.  









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