How to Make a Chemo Care Package

It's the thought that counts—it's an old cliche, but it's true. In the words of Brigham Young, "love the giver more than the gift." When you give someone a present, the thing that really matters is the love behind the gift; that's what makes it special. Gifts are meaningful at any time, but they can make a big impact during traumatic events. That's why creating a Chemo Care Package is such a great idea. 

Chemo care packages are like the care packages you might have received from your parents while away at camp or off at college. They're essentially a box full of goodies, but the sentiment behind the box is deeper. It says "I care about you." Giving a chemo care package not only provides your loved one with useful and meaningful gifts, it lets them know that they are not alone during this difficult time. Creating a chemo care package can also be therapeutic for friends and family members of cancer patients; they want to help in any way they can, and this is a great way to do so. 

How to Make a Chemo Care Package

A chemo care package is easy to create. Fill your care package with items to help your loved one pass the time during chemo treatments, ease chemo side effects and cope with hair loss

Each box is different and unique, but every box should contain a few useful basics. To start off, we recommend putting these 4 essentials in your chemo care box: 

1. Basic Beanie or Turban

Many chemotherapy patients will experience hair loss because of the harsh drugs used during treatment. A beanie or turban is a great “go to” head coverings. Comfortable caps are an essential, even for wig wearers. They can be thrown on in a snap, and even kept in the car, purse or pocket for quick trips. 

When choosing a chemo cap, it is important to pick a hat that is soft, has minimal seams, and provides full head coverage. It's best to choose a basic cap, as it will match more outfits, and it can be dressed up or down with accessories.



2. A Sleep Cap

Sleep caps are one of the most useful things are chemo patient can have. Most people don't realize how cold the head can get at night without a blanket of hair. A sleep cap provides warmth as well as security and night time confidence. Many basic turbans can be worn as sleep caps as well as day caps, or you can choose a more "fun" option. 

3. Lip Balm

Many cancer patients experience dry, cracked, or chapped lips while going through treatments. Our Aloe Lip Care Lip Treatment, and Vitamin C and Vitamin E Lip Treatment are great products to include in any chemo care package. They help to keep lips hydrated, easing the pain that can often be created by chapped lips.


4. Lotion

In addition to dry lips, many chemo patients also get very dry skin. Lotion helps to soothe the skin and provide comfort. Avoid lotions that have fragrances or dyes, as these may irritate sensitive skin. 

After you have added these necessities, you can add other items to your chemo care box. Here are a few ideas:

-A Tote Bag 

While going through treatments, there are so many items to keep up with. Include a cute totebag in your care package so your loved one can easily take things to and from chemo treatments, and hold a change of clothes for overnight hospital stays. 

-Ginger Chews for Nausea

Chemotherapy treatments can often bring on debilitating nausea. Include a package of our Ginger Chews in your chemo care package to help ease and soothe the stomach.They are gluten free and made with real ginger. Made with no additives or preservatives, these chews are a natural way to ease nausea.

-A Comfy Outfit or Pajamas 

Your loved one will likely feel quite ill after chemo treatments, and a nice cozy outfit is the perfect thing to help them feel more comfortable. Some loose fititng clothes in soft fabrics will do the trick. Our Bamboo Pippa Pants and Bamboo Loralai T-Shirt make are wonderful for wearing to bed, but they're also elegant enough to be worn out and about; the ideal chemo day outfit. Plus, they have matching headwear!


Sometimes, chemotherapy sessions and various appointments can run long and leave a patient with a lot of down time. Puzzle books and word searches are a fun and easy way to pass the time. A good book is also a great option. You could also consider signing them up for a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix, gifting an iTunes gift card or a magazine subscription. This can help them pass the time and help get their mind off of their diagnosis and treatment.

-Personal Care Items

Tissues, hand sanitizer or cotton swabs are easy and inexpensive items include in a chemo care package. In any case, these basics are useful for any chemo patient. 

 -Inspirational Gifts

Magnets, inspirational jewelry, key chains, even t-shirts—something with an inspirational quote or message could help to lift up your loved one during this difficult time. 

-Hat Accessories

Hat accessories allow your loved one to customize their basic turban and create different looks. A flower pin or a headband adds a new style element and makes a basic head covering more versatile. A pair of earrings also makes a great addition.

-A Blanket Scarf

Hospitals can get chilly and often feel very sterile. Adding a blanket scarf to your chemo care package can be a wonderful way to provide comfort to your loved one.

-A Journal

According to top breast cancer blogger Nancy Stordahl of Nancy's Point, her journal was her most important tool for coping with chemo. The journey through cancer treatment can be a long, hard road to travel. Having a place to write down frustrations, record triumphs and victories, document the good days and the bad, and even keep lists of appointments and medications, can be a great tool for anyone going through chemotherapy treatments.


In addition to soothing lotion, lip balm, and shampoo, your loved one might enjoy some gentle cosmetics. A new mascara, blush, lipstick, or eyeliner can do wonders for a woman's confidence.

 -Organizational Items 

A planner or calendar can be used by cancer patients to keep track of doctor's appointments, treatment dates, and medications. This is definitely a useful addition to a chemo care package. 

-Handmade Gifts

 A gift made by you or your children could become a cherished possesion. A hand-knitted hat or scarf, a handmade bracelet, baked goods, a framed family photo, or art created by you or your child are all lovely things to include in a care package.

Themes for Chemo Care Packages:

Choosing a theme can help you create a more cohesive package. The theme can be centered on the type of cancer your loved one is fighting, their personal interests, and many other things. Here are a few example packages we created based on themes we love to get you started and give you some ideas:

Breast Cancer Awareness Theme

breast cancer awareness chemo care package

This care package theme is ideal for women fighting breast cancer. Fill it with breast cancer awareness jewelry, inspirational gifts, and breast cancer awareness themed headwear.

Comforting Care/Pampering Theme:

comforting care spa chemo care package

Think "spa" and "luxury" when creating this care package. Add headwear made with soft and supple fabrics, as well as personal care and hygiene items tailored to help cancer patients skin and lips feel more comfortable during treatments. Add makeup to help your loved one feel beautiful, even on days when they aren't feeling their best.

Religious Theme:

christian religious chemo care package

Many cancer patients lean on their faith to help get them through trying times like treatments and surgeries. Gifting a care package filled with reminders of their faith and religious beliefs can be a huge source of inspiration for your loved ones.

Holiday Theme:

christmas holiday chemo care package

A chemo care package makes a great holiday gift for your friend or loved one. You can give holiday themed care packages a month or two before the holiday season begins to help your loved one prepare for the season and give them something to look forward to when they're feeling down.

Comfy Cozy Theme:

comfy cozy chemo care package

This theme is all about comfort. Pack super soft, warm headwear, good books, and extra comfy clothes. The bamboo outfit included is absolutely perfect; it's cute enough for wearing out and about, and it's comfy enough for wearing to chemo. You can even wear the outfit as pajamas! Plus, it coordinates PERFECTLY with our bamboo headwear!

Fashionista Theme:

stylish fashionista chemo care package

This theme is perfect for the fashion lover in your life. Include avante garde headwear, cute accessories, and stylish earrings in this package. 

How to Wrap a Chemo Care Package

Once you decide what to include in your chemo care package, you need to decide how to present it. There are lots of ways to wrap your care package; get creative! Here are just a few ideas to give you some inspiration: 

1. Use a tote bag as a gift bag.

If you're giving your loved one a totebag, try wrapping all the items in tissue paper and placing them in the totebag. This makes a pretty presentation that anyone would love. 

2. Place the items in a box with confetti. 

Nicely placing the items in a box full of bright confetti looks fun and beautiful, and its super easy!

3. Individually wrap each item and place them in a box.

This is a great way to wrap your care package, whether you are mailing it or handing it off in person. Your loved one will feel like its Christmas when they see how many gifts they've received! 

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Chemo Care Packages

At the end of the day, a chemo care package doesn't need to be big, grand, elaborate, or expensive. All it has to do is show you care—it's called a "care package" for a reason!

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