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Made from the finest materials, our square scarves have a quality that is truly unmatched. Our scarves measure between 30" to 38" square. When tied on the head, these square scarves provide total head coverage for women with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, or other hair loss conditions. Square head scarves are the easiest to work with and often are more manageable than oblong scarves. Square scarves can be tied in several different styles, offering versatility. We include free scarf tying instructions with your square head scarf order. Our square head scarves come in a wide variety of fabrics. Our square silk scarves drape in an elegant fashion while our cotton square scarves provide zero slippage and are super easy to work with. Explore our square scarves today!
  1. Chiffon Printed Head Scarf
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    Chiffon Printed Head Scarf
    Retail $21.99 Our Price $16.99
  2. Sequined Tie Dye Head Scarf
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    Sequined Tie Dye Head Scarf
    Retail $34.99 Our Price $22.99
  3. Solid Cashmere Head Scarf
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    Solid Cashmere Head Scarf
    Retail $89.99 Our Price $45.99

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Taking a square piece of fabric and turning it into a beautiful head wrap can often be an intimidating process. However, we hope to simplify the process by offering our free scarf tying instructions to help jump start your scarf tying abilities. Square scarves are popular due to their versatility and manageability. When you are done fighting your battle with hair loss, these scarves can often be used to accessorize your wardrobe in other ways, making a square scarf a lasting investment that you can love for years to come.