Woodblock So Simple Scarves™ - Pre-Tied Scarf Headcovering

Woodblock So Simple Scarves™ | Pre-Tied Scarf in Hand-Stamped 100% Cotton Prints

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Our So Simple™ Head Scarf in Woodblock Prints combines the ease of a pre-tied scarf with the unique and beautiful look of a hand-stamped woodblock scarf. After years of research and design work, Danielle Yates designed this beautiful and practical headcovering that our customers love. Meanwhile, our beloved 100% hand-stamped woodblock scarves are one of Headcovers' original designs. A Woodblock So Simple Scarf is the perfect combination! 

This stylish pick is great for everyone and ideal for cancer patients and women with hair loss. It is easy, soft, and secure on the head—no more slipping! Made in 100% cotton, this scarf gets softer with every wear and is perfect for sensitive skin. 

The print is made wih hand-stamped woodblock printing, an ancient art involving many skilled craftsmen, including block makers, a color master (the dyes are made by hand), and precise printers. Skills are usually handed down from parent to child. Printing a design requires between 5-15 different blocks. The printer hand stamps the cloth between 700-1000 times to create 3 meters of printed fabric. After 100 meters, the hand carved teak blocks wear out and must be carved again.

Two easy steps will create this fabulously complicated look:

Step 1:  Slip the cap of the headcovering on your head. It is pre-formed like a cap, so it's ready to go.

Step 2:  Using the attached ties,  tie a knot or bow around the gathered ruffle in the back, securing a perfect custom fit that is guaranteed to stay securely in place.

  • 100% Cotton Interior and Exterior
  • Pre-tied design
  • Hand-Stamped using the ancient art of woodblock printing.
  • Provides full head coverage for those with hair loss from chemo, cancer, and other reasons.

The So Simple™ Scarf is a Registered Trademark of US Trademark #86108541.



This pre-tied scarf is recommended for:

  • Cancer and chemotherapy patients
  • Women with medical hair loss or alopecia
  • Stylish looks for women with or without hair
  • All head sizes
  • All seasons
  • All day/everyday wear
  • Casual or dress wear
  • Sensitive scalps
  • Hair covering for modest women
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