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Here at, we offer a large selection of swim caps for women, men and kids. Featured in Vogue Magazine, our vintage bathing caps and old fashioned swim caps allow you to channel your inner mermaid. As a preferred TYR and Speedo swim cap retailer, we also offer swimming caps for the serious swimmer. Find fun and functional designs in silicone, lycra and rubber. Shop our striking designs today!
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  1. Swim Caps for Long Hair | Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swimming Cap
    Swim Caps for Long Hair | Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swimming Cap
    Our Price $10.99
  2. Speedo Moving Tides Swim Cap
    Speedo Moving Tides Swim Cap
    Our Price $13.99
  3. Speedo Solid Latex Swim Cap
    Speedo Solid Latex Swim Cap
    Our Price $6.99
  4. Lycra / Spandex Swim Caps
    Lycra / Spandex Swim Caps
    Our Price $6.99
  5. Speedo Starband Swim Cap
    Speedo Starband Swim Cap
    Our Price $14.99
  6. TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Swim Cap
    TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Swim Cap
    Retail $8.99 Sale Price $4.99
  7. Speedo Elastomeric Solid Silicone Swim Cap
    Speedo Elastomeric Solid Silicone Swim Cap
    Our Price $9.95
  8. Speedo Dive In Swim Cap
    Speedo Dive In Swim Cap
    Our Price $12.95
  9. Speedo Lazer Rays Swim Cap
    Speedo Lazer Rays Swim Cap
    Our Price $12.95
  10. Speedo Dive Bar Swim Cap
    Speedo Dive Bar Swim Cap
    Our Price $15.95
  11. Speedo Lycra Swim Cap
    Speedo Lycra Swim Cap
    Our Price $10.95
  12. Solid Silicone Swim Caps
    Solid Silicone Swim Caps
    Our Price $8.99
  13. TYR Lycra Swim Caps
    TYR Lycra Swim Caps
    Our Price $7.99
  14. Speedo Silicone Swim Caps
    Speedo Silicone Swim Caps
    Our Price $9.99
  15. Speedo Retroactive Silicone Swim Cap
    Speedo Retroactive Silicone Swim Cap
    Our Price $14.95
  16. TYR USA Latex Swim Cap
    TYR USA Latex Swim Cap
    Our Price $4.55
  17. Speedo Revolution Rising Silicone Swim Cap
    Speedo Revolution Rising Silicone Swim Cap
    Our Price $13.95
  18. TYR Camo Silicone Swim Cap
    TYR Camo Silicone Swim Cap
    Retail $10.95 Sale Price $7.99
  19. Speedo Varsity Silicone Swim Cap
    Speedo Varsity Silicone Swim Cap
    Retail $10.95 Sale Price $7.99
  20. TYR USA Silicone Swim Cap
    TYR USA Silicone Swim Cap
    Retail $9.95 Sale Price $7.99
  21. Speedo Silicone Flag Swim Cap
    Speedo Silicone Flag Swim Cap
    Retail $9.99 Sale Price $6.99

23 Items


Swim Caps from Headcovers

Whether you’re a serious swimmer or a fair weather frolicker, we’re sure you’ll find a cap to love in our array of novelty and classic swimming caps. They’re great for staving off unwanted water, keeping delicate or color-treated hair dry, and protecting the skin from the abrasive effects of chlorine. If you’re got lots of hair, a swim cap can help keep it out of your way while you’re making a splash. We’re a preferred supplier of both TYR and Speedo, so if you’re wondering where to buy swim caps look no further. Don’t wait for the sun to come out - pick up a swim cap from Headcovers today.

What to Expect from TYR Swim Caps  

TYR’s quality performance caps are designed to hold their shape and color season after season. The company itself is named after the Norse god of warriors, and for serious swimmers the sleek coverage doesn’t get more legit. Its women’s and men’s swim caps come in soft materials like Lycra and silicone, so you don’t need to worry about painful friction against your hair or skin. They’re no-nonsense and dependable, wherever the competition may take you.

Why We Love Speedo Swimming Caps   

Speedo may be best known for its itty bitty men’s swim trunks, but we’re partial towards the wide selection of swimming hats it offers, all in bold, vibrant colors. The company is over 100 years old and has been making underwater accoutrement since day one. It has basic, no-frill caps in latex for the swimmer who just needs to smooth things down, and competitive-grade caps made of silicone that slide on and off with ease. Its Lycra swim cap was designed specifically for long hair, and molds to the head for complete UV protection.

Swim Caps for Cancer Patients

Our primary mission as a company is to empower people dealing with hair loss, whether due to cancer, alopecia, hormonal imbalances, or other illnesses. A swim cap can be a wonderful accessory to keep on hand, especially if your sensitive scalp is irritated by chlorine or the harmful effects of UV radiation. Even if you’re not planning on getting wet, a swim cap offers protection from the elements while offering up a fresh bit of sporty or retro flair.

If you are planning on diving in, it’s a good idea to first ask your healthcare team if swimming is safe for your condition. Your doctor may recommend against it if you’re more susceptible to germs in the water. But when you do get the green light, go for it! Swimming is a soothing exercise that’s great for building strength in your bones and muscles. It’s low impact, and the moves are easily adaptable for different levels of fitness abilities. And if you’re wearing of our swimming caps, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is when to come up for air.

How to Choose a Swim Cap Material

Our swim caps come in four main materials: Lycra, latex, rubber and silicone. Each material has special features that recommend it for a specific functional use. Here’s what you need to know:

Silicone. Smooth and build to last, silicone caps are often preferred by professionals and serious swimmers. It’s thicker than latex, and the slick texture makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze (Olympic athletes tend to agree).

Lycra. It’s stretchy but still gentle, great for sensitive scalps. If your number one pet peeve is hair that gets pulled while adjusting your cap, then opt for this flexible material. While it won’t keep your hair dry, it does protect from UV rays and helps mitigate damage caused by chlorine.

Rubber. Thick and highly durable rubber is great for cold-weather swimming due to its insulating properties. It also holds shape and color well, so many of our vintage and retro caps are made with rubber.

Latex. This is a budget-friendly option that behaves like Lycra but typically comes at a lower price point. Latex will keep hair out of your face and its snug fit reduces water resistance, so it’s a good choice if skin sensitivity isn’t your top concern.

How to Put on a Swim Cap

Putting on a swim cap isn’t exactly intuitive. In fact, it takes a bit of strategy to neatly tuck everything inside without ripping or damaging the cap. So before you leap into the pool, be sure to remove any jewelry from your fingers and take sharp objects like clips or pins out of your hair. If you’ve got long hair, tying it up into a bun first can help keep everything under control.

To put it on, first place both hands in the interior of the cap and gently stretch to open. Arc your fingers to avoid poking your fingernails through the material. Place the front interior edge against your forehead, then center the cap over the crown of your hair, tug it down, and remove your hands.

For more detailed instructions and how-to sketches, see our guide on How to Put On a Swim Cap.

The Best Caps for Showering or Bathing  

Our shower and bathing caps are meant to protect your hair from getting soaked, whether you’re relaxing in the tub or just rinsing off. While not completely waterproof, they’re lined with a water-resistant vinyl which fends off water to keep things mostly dry. Plus, the designs are chic enough fit right in at the pool or beach if you want to take it outside.

For a vintage look, try the Shower and Swim Cap in One or the Turban Bathing Cap. To make a statement in a retro silhouette, choose the Gathered Retro Swim Turban. If you’re hoping for basic yet versatile coverage, it doesn’t get more dependable than the Shirred Shower Cap, which some customers even laud as the perfect water aerobics accessory.

Vintage and Retro Swim Caps

Our old school swim caps for women have been featured in fashion magazines like Vogue, Glamour and Marie Claire as well as TV shows, commercials, and movies. The 3D floral motif is timeless, and pairs just as well with an old-fashioned swimsuit as it does with a bikini or beachside coverup. These caps are water resistant but not fully waterproof, so if you’re planning on total submersion we recommend layering the Hair Guard Headband underneath.

Start with our Retro Petal Swim Cap for the ultimate fashion favorite. It comes in 28 colors and combinations, and there’s also a children’s version for mommy-and-me matching. For a different twist, try the Ruffle Swim Cap. Customers love it because it’s not too tight; we’ve always got sensitive heads in mind. The two-layer design, with a water-resistant lining beneath the ruffled top layer, keeps water out without being restrictive.

At Headcovers, each retro swimcap is the perfect fusion of comfortable coverage, UV protection, and stylish design - whether or not you decide to take a dip in the pool.