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Top Perfect by Eva Gabor Wigs

Item NumberHP-70277

Top Perfect Topper Hairpiece by Eva Gabor Wigs

Item NumberHP-70277

Available Colors (mouse over image to enlarge)

  •   wig in GL2-6 Black Coffee
  •   wig in GL4-8 Dark Chocolate
  •   wig in GL6-30 Mahogony
  •   wig in GL8-10 Dark Chestnut
  •   wig in GL10-12 Sunlit Chestnut
  •   wig in GL10-14 Walnut
  •   wig in GL11-25 Honey Pecan
  •   wig in GL12-14 Mocha
  •   wig in GL12-16 Golden Walnut
  •   wig in GL14-16 Honey Toast
  •   wig in GL14-22 Sandy Blonde
  •   wig in GL15-26 Buttered Toast
  •   wig in GL16-27 Buttered Biscuit
  •   wig in GL18-23 Toasted Pecan
  •   wig in GL23-101 Sunkissed Beige
  •   wig in GL27-22 Caramel
  •   wig in GL8-29 Hazelnut
  •   wig in GL27-29 Chocolate Caramel
  •   wig in GL29-31 Rusty Auburn
  •   wig in GL30-32 Dark Copper
  •   wig in GL33-130 Sangria
  •   wig in GL38-48 Sugared Smoked
  •   wig in GL44-51 Sugared Charcoal
  •   wig in GL51-56 Sugared Pewter
  •   wig in GL56-60 Sugared Silver
  •   wig in GL60-101 Silvery Moon
Retail: $89.00
Our Price: $75.65

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Retail: $89.00
Our Price: $75.65
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This mid-length topper blends so seamlessly with your existing hair. The Top Perfect Topper Hairpiece by Eva Gabor Wigs works to add length and body for women with beginning to mid/progressive stage hair loss. While it is not a full wig, this one-piece topper that attaches quickly and gently over your existing hair using four discreet, pressure sensitive clips that stay in place through a busy day.

Features: Open Wefted Base, Cool Fit, Inside Hidden Weft, Velvet Lined Front Rim

Attachment Method: 4 Pressure Sensitive Clips

Pictured In: GL14-16SS

Please note this is not a full wig, but a hair topper. 

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  • Type: Wiglets and Toppers
  • Coverage:
    • Thinning Top
    • Thinning Crown
  • Cap Type: Classic
  • Material: Synthetic Hair
  • Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Hair Length:
    • Front: 10”
    • Crown: 10”
    • Sides: 9”
    • Back: 9”
  • Base Size: 6.5"x7"
  • Item Weight: 2.25 ounces