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Two Way Silky Headband

Two Way Silky Headband Accessory for Headwear - Add to Hats and Turbans

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This silky stretch headband will turn your basic headwear into a whole new hat! These versatile headband accessories can be worn two ways for two looks in one! Turn the knot to the front for a bohemian feel, or turn it to the back for the look of a traditional headband. This is a great item for women with or without hair. It can be worn to keep hair out of your face, as a way to dress up a simple ponytail, or even as an addition to a fancy updo. Add it to any turban for an instant new look. Available in multiple colors and patterns to go with just about anything in your wardrobe. Each headband offers a different color and pattern on each side for versatility. We know you're going to love this look!
The knot can be worn in the front or in the back. Made of silky stretch fabric that will beautifully accent any style of turban or add a finishing touch to any hair do. These head bands can be worn alone or with existing hair for a truly unique look. The headband adds a sense of security and snugness when worn with a turban as shown. Turban is sold separately.
One size fits most. This headband offers plenty of stretch to accommodate head sizes from petite to large.
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