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Flex Frame

Item NumberSA-12821

TYR Flex Frame Swim Mask

Item NumberSA-12821

Retail: $23.99

Sale Price: $18.99

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This protective swim mask is perfect for just about any water activity. Durafit gaskets made from hypoallergenic silicone give you a watertight seal that won't lose it's shape over time. Use the TYR Flex Frame Swim Mask to protect your eyes from chlorine and saltwater, as well as from the sun's harmful rays thanks to UV protection lenses. This mask provides a wide peripheral range for optimal sight allowance. The flexible unibody nesbridge gives the look of stylish sunglasses that look great on any face shape! Available in clear and in black, you'll be able to wear your Flex Frame Swim Mask with all of your favorite water wear!
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A simple and secure release button gives you a quick and easy way to adjust the size of the strap on the swim mask, giving you a secure fit with each and every wear. The lenses are anti-fog. Made with no latex and no PVC.
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This swim mask is one size fits most and offers an easy to use size adjustment feature.