All headwear is sold separately and is not included.

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Ultimate Fringe Bangs - Add a Bang

Item NumberHH-11003

Ultimate Fringe Bangs - Add a Bang

Item NumberHH-11003

Available Colors (mouse over image to enlarge)

  •   2-Expresso
  •   wig in 12-Light Brown
  •   wig in 21T-Light Golden Blonde
  •   wig in 56 - Smoke
  •   wig in 10/28-Light Toffee
  •   wig in 12/26H - Glazed Hazelnut
  •   wig in 13/22-Frosted Blonde
  •   wig in 16/22-Golden Blonde Blends
  •   wig in 8/30-Ginger Brown
  •   wig in 27-Strawberry Blonde
  •   wig in 428T-Marble Brown
  •   wig in 30H - Medium Auburn
  •   wig in 31H - Dark Auburn
  •   wig in 44 - Charcoal
  •   wig in 29H- Strawberry Butterscotch Blond
Retail: $22.99
Our Price: $15.99

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Retail: $22.99
Our Price: $15.99
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We have listened to our customers' requests and have developed a thinner, more natural looking bang, a perfect compliment to your headwear wardrobe. Wear under any hat, turban or scarf for a realistic look. Available in a multitude of natural looking colors to match various skin tones and hair colors. Designed by Carol Galland, especially for cancer patients and women with hair loss. Our customers love the look and feel of these bangs and we know you will, too.

All headwear is sold separately and is not included.

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Standard bangs from most manufacturers are only 4 inches wide. Our bangs are 7 1/4 inches wide, offering fuller coverage around the hairline for a more natural appearance. Slightly narrower than our "extra wide bangs," this hairpiece is just wide enough to give that full appearance but not so wide that it overwhelms the face.

The hair on these bangs is ultra thinly wefted, giving a thin, natural look that is not bulky or overpowering. A perfect compliment when you want to have a hint of hair showing underneath your hat or turban. The length of the hair measures 2 1/2"-3" long.

The hair is attached to a velcro strip, to easily secure inside any hat, turban or scarf.  Ultimate Fringe can be attached directly to your hats, or try our patented Instant Hair Headband to attach your fringe in an instant.  Our Scarf Gripper will also keep your fringe in place.  This is a great way to easily wear your bangs with a multitude of hats and scarves.

The quality of our bangs is unsurpassed by anything on the market. The synthetic fiber used to make these bangs is soft and smooth to the touch. It is not itchy like some synthetic fibers can be.

The turban shown in our picture is not included.

The Ultimate Fringe is pictured in color 13/22.

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