Lace front wigs blend in with your natural hairline, rendering the front of the wig almost invisible due to its delicate construction. These wigs are great for women who want to wear their hair pushed back or away from the forehead. Intricately hand-knotted to ensure that each strand of hair is flawlessly attached, lace front wigs can be a dream come true for women hoping to find a wig that allows them to style their hair as they did before hair loss.  

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Lace Front Wigs from Headcovers

One of the first questions that many people have when they begin shopping for wigs is, will it look natural? While all of the wigs at Headcovers have a realistic appearance, lace front wigs offer a nearly invisible hairline at the forehead. Due to the intricate, painstaking construction of these magical wigs, the lace front cap lays flat against the head so that hair can be brushed back and styled. Stop worrying about whether or not the world can tell that you’ve got a wig on and start living life carefree in a lace front wig.


How are Lace Front Wigs Constructed?

A lace front wig is literally a regular wig cap - whether classic or monofilament - with a strip of lace at the front. The hairs are attached individually, knotted by hand, to each of the little lace holes. When worn, the lace piece blends in with the skin, while the hair tumbles naturally over the forehead. The result is so natural-looking that it’s rumored Beyoncé wears lace front wigs - often. Still, the hand-knotting makes them delicate, so lace front wigs should be handled with care. To learn more, check out our guide to The Different Types of Wigs.


Synthetic vs. Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

We offer both human hair and synthetic hair lace front wigs. The material you choose will ultimately determine the maintenance level of that wig. Synthetic wigs are beloved by many because of how convenient they are to handle. If you want to buy a pre-styled wig - and you want that wig to hold its shape permanently - a synthetic wig is the route you should take. They’re made to spring back into shape, requiring little-to-no styling because they come already “done”. However, if you want to be able to style your wig just like you would your normal hair, a human hair lace front wig allows you to do that. It will also feel the most natural, because human hair wigs are literally made of harvested human hair.

The good news is that, with a lace front wig, whichever material you choose will look like it belongs on your head.


Is a Lace Front Wig Right for You?

Lace front wigs are great for women who want to wear their hair brushed back from their face. Whether you’re opposed to bangs, or just want to have the freedom to be able to run your hands through your hair, lace fronts mean that just because your forehead is exposed, doesn’t mean you need to feel exposed. They’re a bit more expensive than regular classic caps, but worth it in the long run for the peace of mind and confidence they offer.  

If you’re a big fan of lace cap construction, take a look at our full lace and hand tied wigs. These caps take authenticity to the next level, with intricate hand-knotting all around the cap.



How to Care for Your Lace Front Wig

Synthetic wigs should be washed every 4-6 wears with shampoo and conditioner (just make sure it’s made for synthetic wigs), while human hair wigs should be washed as seldom as possible - it all depends on how much product you use when styling!

In general (for both materials), the less you wash your wig, the longer it will last. If you can give your wig a break every once in a while, not only will it extend the life of the wig, but it will give you an opportunity to rock one of our stylish women’s hats.


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