Our synthetic wigs are carefully curated to ensure the most natural look possible. Although many women believe that you can only achieve a natural look with human hair, this is not the case! The best quality synthetic wigs are easy to wear, affordable, almost completely maintenance free, retain their style and can look just as natural as a real hair option. The key to achieving a realistic look is selecting quality synthetic hair and a quality cap. 

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  1. Alva by Noriko Wigs
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    Alva by Noriko Wigs
    Retail $198.00 Our Price $159.99
  2. Nima by Noriko Wigs
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    Nima by Noriko Wigs
    Retail $186.00 Our Price $150.99
  3. Jett by Estetica Wigs - Lace Front Wig
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    Jett by Estetica Wigs - Lace Front Wig
    Retail $219.96 Our Price $198.00
  4. Shape up by Eva Gabor Wigs
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    Shape up by Eva Gabor Wigs
    Retail $137.00 Our Price $116.45
  5. Nori by Noriko Wigs
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    Nori by Noriko Wigs
    Retail $219.00 Our Price $160.99
  6. Ivy by Noriko Wigs
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    Ivy by Noriko Wigs
    Retail $237.00 Our Price $181.95
  7. Eva by Noriko Wigs
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    Eva by Noriko Wigs
    Retail $182.00 Our Price $154.70
  8. June by Rene of Paris Wigs
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    June by Rene of Paris Wigs
    Retail $147.00 Our Price $106.99
  9. Raven by Envy Wigs - Lace Front Wig
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    Raven by Envy Wigs - Lace Front Wig
    Retail $220.00 Our Price $187.99

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Headcovers Synthetic Wigs

We offer a wide selection of quality, synthetic wigs that are comfortable and easy to maintain for people undergoing cancer treatment and other hair loss related issues. Headcovers has nearly 25 years of experience providing the best synthetic wigs and headcovers for men, women, and children. No matter what your specific needs and style are, we are dedicated to finding the best fit so that you feel confident and comfortable. We offer free personalized wig consultations with a licensed cosmetologist.


Finding The Best Synthetic Wigs For You

Finding the right type of wigs can be a daunting task for the first time wig-wearer. We provide helpful guides to teach you the best tips for picking out wigs and taking care of them. We offer hundreds of different types of wigs, varying in lengths, colors, and styles. You can find easy-maintenance synthetic wigs that are perfect for beginners, as well as heat-resistant synthetic wigs that work well for people with a little bit more styling experience. Take a look at our blog for more information on finding the right wig for you, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions.


Choose From Hundreds of Styles

At Headcovers, we make sure that each synthetic wig we have available is of the best quality. We stock several brands including Raquel Welch, Revlon, Louis Ferre, Rene of Paris, and more. With so many options, you can find an exact match to your natural hair color or try synthetic hair in a fun fantasy color. Whatever color, cut, style, or length - we have the best synthetic wigs for you. We even offer hair extensions and accessories that can be a great option depending on what your needs are.


How To Take Care of Your Synthetic Wig

We often recommend first time wig-wearers try synthetic hair as opposed to natural hair because they require less effort to style and maintain. This is especially important if you are experiencing health issues that require your focus and energy first. A high-quality synthetic wig is hard to tell apart from natural hair, without the added styling and hassle. To take care of your synthetic wig, simply wash, dry, and shake it out to return to its natural style. With proper care and daily wear, synthetic wigs usually last about 4-6 months. Read our full guide on synthetic wig care.


Benefits of Synthetic Hair

Wearing synthetic wigs is a great option for both new and experienced wig-wearers. Synthetic hair gives you the freedom to try countless styles and color options, without the commitment. Synthetic hair is usually less expensive than natural hair wigs, so it could be the smart and economical option if you’re interested in trying multiple styles. One bonus of synthetic hair is that after washing and drying, it bounces back to its original style without the extra effort and styling on your part. We have a large selection of synthetic wigs in countless lengths and styles, that all meet the high-quality standards at Headcovers. A good-quality synthetic wig is nearly impossible to tell apart from a human hair wig. View our guide to Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair for a breakdown of the pros and cons to both options.


Synthetic Wigs at Headcovers

Headcovers has been in business for over 23 years, providing the best quality wigs to our customers. We provide sincere customer service and stay to true our high standards to ensure that you receive a great product and positive experience. We’re available to you by phone at 1-800-264-4287 (HATS), and have created several synthetic hair guides and resources for additional support.

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