These beautiful and stylish wigs are featured in Caucasian hair textures and colors in easy-care synthetic hair. Women of color often select (and look beautiful) in these styles, but some may prefer African American Wigs to match their natural hair texture. By no means just wigs for white women, this collection is ideal for the woman who prefers a sleek, smooth hair texture similar to naturally growing Caucasian hair, regardless of her skin tone.

  1. Select Length Long Wigs
  2. Select Material Synthetic Hair
  3. Select Brand Rene of Paris Wigs
  4. Select Brand Orchid (Revlon) Wigs
  5. Select Brand Mane Attraction Wigs
  6. Select Color Family Brunettes
  7. Select Color Family Greys
  8. Select Color Family Blondes
  9. Price $0.00 - $200.00
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