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Men’s sleeping caps are ideal for balding or sensitive scalps caused by chemo, alopecia or simply for cold weather. Designed with supreme comfort in mind, our sleeping caps for men provide comfort in every season. If you’re looking for a gift for that special guy in your life, look no further than our soft sleeping hats. Whatever sleep cap style you select, we wish you soothing slumber and sweet dreams.

Men's Sleeping Caps at Headcovers


With or without hair, we lose a significant amount of heat through our heads. That's why sleeping caps are so effective for keeping men warm and cozy - day or night. Our men’s sleeping caps are soft and lightweight, protecting against drafts and air conditioning. Available in a huge array of colors, they are hip and versatile enough to wear outdoors with casual outfits or perfect for bedtime. Fashionable and functional, many sleep cap styles are ideal for running errands, going to cancer treatments, or lounging around the house.



Cotton Caps For Men


We offer 100% cotton caps for men that are perfect for staying comfortable and warm all night or day. Cotton is a natural fabric that is both breathable and warm, making it excellent for long-wear and easy to wash. The Men’s Night Cap is a great style for all-night wear and for lounging around the house. The adjustable cuff can be rolled up or down depending on how much head coverage you want or need. We also carry Men’s Relaxed Cotton Beanies that are great for wearing during the day or at night, available in over 30 colors. These 100% cotton beanies provide total head coverage for men with hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia or other types of medical hair loss conditions.

Our men's cotton sleep cap is a classic cult favorite. Here's what two of our cotton cuff cap fans had to say:

"I got my cap two days ago and am I ever happy. This has been a very long search that has taken money and time (a year) to finally find a cap that will allow me to sleep. My bald head is an oily mess every morning and this stains and give the pillow case a fowl scent. I have tried everything (even was using Febreze every day)! Well that is over. Here is a cap the fits well and not too snug. Very comfortable. The sides can be folded up to wear around the house or outside. Roll the sides down to cover you eyes and ears on those cold days when a nap is just the right thing to do. Yet the cap is not so thick that wearing it year round is possible. The fit has surprised me the most when we talk about the attributes and I have found no flaws. Workmanship is impeccable. It is only fair to Headcovers Unlimited, who produced this cap, to realize just how well they have done. They beat out all that I have tried - Under Armour - Ergodyne...EVS Sports...and a few others that I discarded the moment they arrived. It looks and wears very well. You want a cap for sleeping - well - this is the only one!"

~ Donald D.


"There are a number of night caps...made of a variety of materials, none of which appealed to me because of difficulty to clean (wool), itch (wool), poor absorbtion (poly blends), etc. "Look for one made from 100% cotton", [my wife] said. That led me to this night cap, made from stretch cotton fabric of the sort I normally find only in high quality tee shirts. It is well made and fits my fat (but "pointed") head very well, with enough length to cover both ears completely and pull over my eyes if desired. The brim can also be folded back to uncover the ears without adding so much to the thickness that it becomes uncomfortable or too hot.

The olive colored night cap looks quite nicely with my complexion and if ever I decided to wear it out of the home, it would go quite well with my olive Carhartt cotton duck jacket.

I am genuinely pleased and impressed. My only regret is that I can not pull the hat all the way down to my ankles, so it wouldn't matter when my wife pulls all of the covers off of me. Even so, 5 stars for this fine night cap."

~Rob N.



Fleece Sleeping Cap


Fleece beanies offer the ultimate in snuggly comfort and warmth, especially in colder weather or during chemo sessions. While functionality is key with a sleep cap, we aim to make your nighttime look as stylish as possible. Several of our designs that are not made specifically for sleeping often fall into the sleep hat category because of how soft and comfortable they have been designed to be. The same is true for our night caps, as they can often be worn during the day to cancer treatments, to run errands, or around the house. They are both fashionable and functional. If you’re looking for a fun yet practical gift for that special guy in your life, look no further than our soft elf caps. They are a perpetual favorite around the holidays!




Sleeping Cap Benefits




Many men choose to wear a sleep cap during the night to help stay warm all year round, and especially during the colder months. A sleeping hat is a great solution for men that have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep due to feeling cold at night. Sleeping caps can improve quality of sleep for men experiencing hair loss that need extra coverage and warmth during the night.






Men’s sleeping caps provide an extra layer of protection between your pillow and head, giving you a soft and comfortable sleep all night long. All of our sleeping caps are made with cozy fleece or 100% cotton depending on your preference. Our breathable cotton caps for men help prevent sweating or itchiness that can make getting a good night’s sleep difficult for people with hair loss. These versatile and stretchy sleep caps are a must for anyone who wants a comfortable sleep every night.






Headcovers caps for men come in a variety of styles and colors that look great on everyone. The cotton beanie is a popular choice among men looking for a relaxed fit, that can be worn during the day and as a sleeping cap. Our cuffed sleeping hats can be worn in multiple ways for different amounts of coverage. All of our styles are designed to be versatile so that anyone can look good wearing them!